10 Best Windows 10 Data Privacy Protection Software

Data privacy protection has increased in importance in recent years, especially in the light of government surveillance, hacker attacks, and companies monitoring user activities for personalizing products and services based on individual preferences. Windows 10 is no exception. It collects data regarding what files users access most on their devices, what websites they frequently visit, what search engine you use and what you search on it, and other information. All this is done to direct targeted ads and services that correlate to each user’s personal liking. However, not everyone is willing to forego data privacy in exchange for personalized services. For them, there are many Data Privacy Protection Software available online. Today, we are going to share our pick for the Best Windows 10 Data Protection software that do what they claim. You can download best data Windows 10 data privacy protection tools from the official download links given below.

best windows 10 data protection software download

If you are worried about your Windows 10 data being collected or monitored by Microsoft and associated partners, then use one of the following software programs to protect your PC and data from being collected by unauthorized person or company.

Microsoft has placed a built-in keylogger in Windows 10. It collects data regarding what keywords you use most on search engines. Although, Microsoft saved this information on secure servers, but still it’s disconcerting that your activity is being monitored by Microsoft. Moreover, when you agree to Windows 10 terms & conditions, you allow Microsoft to record information related to your password, password hints, emails, files, folders, chats, and so on. Microsoft Privacy Statement has a telling section that states that company’s policy of collecting content of your files and communication to provide your services that best suit your needs. Similarly, Microsoft stores information regarding your contacts and relationships, GPS location data, data usage, payment information, interests, and more.

The nature of data being collected by Microsoft ranges from general data to non-intrusive data all the way to the highly personal data. Fortunately, there are some amazing apps that let you limit or restrict Microsoft’s ability to monitor and collect your data. Let’s see some of the best Windows 10 Data Privacy Protection Software available for users of desktop PC, tablet or laptop.

1 – Ashampoo AntiSpy for Windows 10

ashampoo antispy for windows 10 download

This first data privacy protection tool on our list is a free anti-spy software made in Germany. It configures security settings, helps users to disable location services when extreme privacy is needed, and blocks any attempt by Windows 10 to scan usage data to protect your privacy. UI is simple for anyone to master quickly. This software allows you to set privacy protection for entire Windows 10 OS or some apps or tools. You can download it here.

2 – W10 Privacy

This Windows 10 data privacy protection app is one of the best tools available for preserving the sanctity of your personal and work related data on Windows 10 against any unauthorized access and usage. Best thing about this app is the wide array of data protection options it offers to users. This app is mainly concerned with protecting Windows 10 apps, settings, Edge browser browsing data and activity, including online shopping information and credit card details along with many other useful features. Download it from official link here.

3 – SODAT Privacy Protection Tool for Windows 10

SODAT data privacy protection tool for Windows 10 combines powerful encryption technology to user-behavior monitoring and control access tools. All you need is to download it and rest will be done by the software itself. It doesn’t even require installation to work. With SODAT, you can control Windows 10 settings that collect data on your device. You can disable data monitoring on Cortana, Start Menu, and Bing with this tool. It allows you to disable WAP service. It comes in multiple languages and supports both 32-bit/64-bit Windows OS. Download it from this link.

4 – Destroy Windows 10 Spying

This is one of the most downloaded and used Windows 10 data privacy protection tool currently available. It is a light program and runs in the background to constantly block any unwanted data intrusion attempt. You can choose to enable/disable update services, uninstall default Windows 10 apps that are the biggest source of data collection for Microsoft, hide IP address, block online / offline spying, and much more. Download it from this official link here.

5 – Spybot Anti-Beacon

spybot anti beacon for windows 10 download

This one is a freeware which is developed by contributors from around the world who care about personal data privacy and protection on Windows platform. It’s extremely easy to use; all you need to do is to click on the ‘Immunize’ button, which then blocks all Windows tracking features included by Microsoft in the OS. You can also disable protection for all or some of the feature of your choice. Download it here.

6 – Windows Privacy Tweaker

windows privacy tweaker for windows 10 download

Windows Privacy Tweaker for Windows 10 enables users to control and personlize privacy settings from the easy-to-use interface. Latest update of the tool has brought in support for Cortana, ads and web search to prevent any tracking of your online and search activities. All you have to do is to enable privacy for any feature of your choosing by checking the box next to it on the app’s interface. Download here.

7 – Privacy Protector for Windows 10

privacy protection for windows 10 download

Privacy Protector software tool for Windows 10 may not come free but it’s worth the money if you value data privacy and protection, or deal with highly classified & sensitive information on Windows 10 device. You can try out the tool with a 10-day free trial period, after which it will cost you $39.99 for buying a complete pack with all features enabled. This tool tracks and blocks data collection services, keyloggers, Cortana data collection, webcam & microphone data collection blocker, features ability to remove default Windows 10 apps and software which you don’t trust. This is our recommended pick for protecting data on Windows 10. Download it from this link.

8 – DoNotSpy10

This one offers a long list of data privacy features. You can disable biometric data collection, OncDrive, Cortana, access to default Windows apps such as camera, calendar, webcam, and others. Sometimes, a running antivirus program can bock this software from downloading and installing, so disable antivirus first to download and install DoNotSpy10 tool. Download it here.

9 – Disable Windows 10 Tracking

This app may not offer broad range of option as some of the other software listed above, but it remains a solid option for disable services such as tracking services, diagTrack log, Telemetry, tracking domains, tracking IP addresses, defender & Wifisense data collection, and OneDrive data collection. You can also choose to protect your emails on Windows 10 from getting sniffed around by tracking apps and features. Download here.

10 – O&OShutUp10

This one is a free data privacy protection tool for Windows 10. It’s constantly updated to keep paced with all new changes in Windows 10 OS. User interface is friendly. It’s a lightweight tool. You don’t need to install it. You can decided which apps you want to allow data collection and which ones to block. Download it here.

Wrapping Things Up

So, these are the best available tools for protecting data privacy on Windows 10 devices. If you like, you can use a built-in feature in Windows 10 called Windows 10 Privacy Options in Settings app to control what kind of data Microsoft can collect from your device. This Windows 10 Privacy feature allows you to manage and protect settings, personal data collected via typing, contacts, calendar, messaging, accounts, emails, and other Windows 10 devices. This Windows 10 feature also allows you to manage how you wish to receive updates in future. You won’t find this option on most third-party data privacy protection tools for Windows 10.

In the end, it’s also important to note that Microsoft holds its users’ data privacy and protect at utmost regard. The company explicitly proclaims that it doesn’t leaks or exploits user data for any malicious purpose, which of course would be RP disaster anyway. So you can be sure that you data collected by Microsoft is save and secure on its servers that are protected by industry leading security protocols. Do share your views below in the comments, if you found this article helpful in any way.

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