5 Best Custom ROMs for Android Mobile Devices.

Many ROMs download stuff have been in play for a long time, but none of those roms downloads can beat the custom roms for Android, which came to play recently. The custom ROMs offer a wide variety of features for the gamers, which add to the gaming experience of the gamers as well as the gameplay itself.

But with all this positive stuff about the custom roms, keep in mind that not all of them are stable enough to be installed on your device. We will list a few of the best and most stable custom roms available for your smartphone.

Custom ROMS

  1. Pixel Experience

This ROM for Android is the best in the market right now. This is because Pixel Experience supports a wide variety of Android devices from Samsung to Realme.

Additionally, it also has features that allow you to run it on non-pixel devices such as Google Assistant, live wallpapers, GCam support, and much more. The stability of this custom rom is on top of all the other roms in the market.

The user never needs to worry about the roms maintenance as it has maintainers worldwide working 24/7 to keep bugs away from your device. So, if you are thinking about making a custom roms download, make Pixel Experience your first option.

  1. Arrow OS

Arrow OS is a small and light app among its fellow custom roms download files available on the internet. As much as the rom is very light, it is one of the most functional ones out there.

It is almost the same as the Pixel Experience but has some additional features, not in the Pixel Experience. It has an inclusive Android 10 gesture navigation system, color and theme changing option, and the addition of the ‘Recent’ in the overview menu.

The navigation panel is switchable between the 3-button navigation and the old school navigation system. It has a clean and neat UI that is simple and minimalistic and customizable to the users’ preferences.

  1. Project Sakura

The Project Sakura is designed for Samsung phones which tend to lag in the latest Android OS. Due to the Exynos chip, the custom roms were not supported by the Samsung phones.

With the invention of Project Sakura, Samsung users have gotten the chance to enjoy custom roms just like the other android users. This custom rom has many refinements in different capacities, such as the themes, locking animation, fonts, visual modification via a Magisk module, and other visual refinements.

Project Sakura becomes the best place to start if you are a gaming enthusiast using a Samsung device.

  1. LineageOS

LineageOS is a custom ROM that is built on Google’s AOSP code and some custom code. It supports over 200+ devices, and it has basic features- like status bar customization, changing overall theme, editing the navigation bar, among other beneficial features.

LineageOS brings out a sense of customizability, whereas it maintains its stability in the process. It offers high-end privacy and security that you can find on any roms download file.

  1. crDroid

crDroid is one of the custom roms which have gained popularity over the years as it allows the user to customize their devices without losing stock stability within the device. The team responsible for its development and maintenance has ensured that crDroid supports even some old devices such as Poco F1 and others.

It offers an exclusive Google lineup, the AOSP user experience. The performance and battery life for this particular custom rom is very phenomenal. crDroid is derived from LineageOS, which acts as its base.


As we have seen, it is evident that custom roms as a part of roms download you can access bring out a completely new experience to the user and mobile devices. The stock rom may be the most stable among all the roms in the market, but custom roms give users the freedom to gain tons of features at the expense of some stability.

This does not mean that the custom roms are unstable. They are just not as stable as the stock roms.


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