5 Best Tips for Building an Audience for Your Live Streaming Videos on Live.Ly App for Windows PC.

Live.ly is the live video streaming app from Musical.ly and is among the top downloaded apps on Android and iOS platforms. Recently we showed you how to play Live.ly on PC and today you will find top 5 tips & tricks to build Audience on Live.ly app on Windows PC. Live.ly app allow you to create your own live video streaming channel on which you can broadcast the stuff of your liking but many fail to properly utilize the app to build audience or follower base due to wrong strategies. Here see how to build follower base on Live.ly app for PC quickly and permanently. These tips and tricks would help those who don’t have many friends and non-celebrity person to amass huge following on Live.ly app for Windows 10 PC.


Live video streaming mode of interaction is fast gaining popularity as is evident from the popularity of the app such as Periscope and Live.ly because it is more interactive compared to audio interaction. Also visual screens keep people hooked. Live Video Streaming apps have provided a new avenue to people for engaging with people belonging to different cultures from around the world.

5 Best Tips to Build Follower Base on Live.ly App for Windows PC

Those who are still find their feet in live video broadcasting thing would find tricks in this guide to be useful for building audience for your channel on Live.ly quickly. Keep practicing these tips and soon you will be a hit channel on Live.ly app.

Tell People How To Connect With You

It is not possible to be on the live stream all day long. Those with significant following can use other means to stay connected with followers who are addicted to your channel. If people find your channel entertaining they will come back for latest content again and again. Tell followers how they can stay in touch with you while you are not streaming live on live.ly.


There are many social media outlet you can use to engage with your followers. Give them addresses to your public social media profiles and keep communicating with them when you are not live broadcasting. Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, Snapchat, WhatsApp are some helpful medium to keep followers engaded. Create social media communities for your Live.ly channel and see follower count rocket in days.

Plan How To Interact with Followers in Comments Section

As your Live.ly channel becomes popular and once it starts attractive more and more people to it then there comes a point when comments sections under your live feed gets flooded with comments, views, chats, followers asking questions and other stuff. It gets impossible to interact with all of them at the same time. So, tell your audience in the comments section that due to comments overload you would be able to reply to every comment.

But do not stay aloof, keep in touch with your audience by picking which comments or interesting questions to reply to and which ones to ignore.

Welcome New Followers and Engage with Them

It is important to make new followers comfortable and valued when they first arrive to your live stream. Simple Hi goes a long way in establish rapport. Keep an eye on new followers and interact with them to show that you consider even the new followers part of the community, this is sure shot way of turning new followers into permanent viewers of your channel, after all first impression is the last.

Remember that followers visit your channel if they find the topic interesting and you can use this to break the ice with new arrivals to your Live.ly stream. Ask them topic specific question that require open-ended response, don’t ask anything that can be answered with just yes or no. Then build from there and expand your conversation to other topic to keep audience engaged.

Receive Returning Viewers Nicely

Try to remember screen names of your followers or at least address them by their names when you see anyone returning to your channel. This makes them feel as if you care about them and remembered them even when they left, which will make them more loyal to your channel in future.


Also if you could throw in the conversation something that viewer said or asked previously and mention it while greeting that returning person it gives an impression that you care about audience’s views.

Use Block Liberally

Internet is full of trolls, you find them in every medium of social interaction on the internet. Hiding behind their anonymity gives them a levy to blurt out garbage and this could effect the entire mood of conversation in your Live.ly channel. Keep such bad elements away from your channels by blocking them immediately so that they won’t be able to hurt the feelings of other followers.

Don’t worry about blocking trolls might hurt your followers counts because having a decent discussion would automatically lure new dedicated followers to your channels. Trolls attract more trolls so keep them away from comments sections.

Wrap Up

I hope tips above would help you become a star on Live.ly and also see check out this helpful Live.ly tips app that might prove fruitful in gaining more permanent audience base for Live.ly.

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