7 Useful Windows Apps for Students.

Technology is essential and has made life more comfortable, including education. Most students have access to numerous apps on their devices. However, students, their teachers, and parents must be aware of the useful apps and those that waste a student’s time.

Having the right apps can help students develop useful skills, complete homework on time, and develop networking skills. If you are a student, here are some helpful window apps that can positively impact your life.

  1. myHomework

Being a student entails balancing numerous assignments and co-curricular activities. You should be aware of the deadlines for your homework so that you don’t miss them. Being aware of all the activities, class schedules, and events can be a challenging task. However, installing myHomework on your device allows you to monitor your classes, assignments, and essential programs.

7 Useful Windows Apps for Students 2

The app summarizes all the classes and assignments due on its homepage. It also has a calendar view that gives you a quick update of all upcoming courses. Additionally, the app has a homework option where you can track all your forthcoming, late, and complete assignments. Using the app gives you sufficient reminders about upcoming essays, and you can plan when to buy an essay that is almost due.

  1. OneNote

Various researchers have established that taking notes in class improves students’ learning and their ability to grasp concepts. The Microsoft OneNote has several features that allow you to gather information quickly and manage your notes. The app will enable you to collect an array of data, have it in one section, and then connect it with your thoughts in a well-organized manner.

The in-built navigation bar allows you to organize your notes in a way that pleases you and scrolls through all your notes. You can insert several charts, tables, and even handwritten texts to improve your experience. The best thing is that the app integrates with all the other Office apps; hence, you can reference your notes to a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document.

  1. Google Drive

Learning is dynamic and can be done everywhere. Therefore, you need to access all your files and documents from any device. Google Drive allows you to work in the cloud, and access your information from a device of your choice. Additionally, Google Drives comes with an array of office apps, such as Sheets, Docs, and Slides.

  1. Anki Flashcards

Studying entails a lot of reading, grasping concepts, and taking notes. You probably have to read many subjects, and you can easily forget some theories. Using Anki allows you to remember things easily. All you have to do when you access the app is to create note cards and decks.

You can also opt to make your card and customize its settings to suit your needs. The app has an in-built card browser that allows you to find, view, or edit all notes that you have studied or just added. When memorizing information in new cards, or re-learning any information that you forgot, the app will show you various cards at specific intervals to help you remember them.

  1. Polar Bookshelf

Being a student entails being an avid reader and always looking for new sources of information. Polar Bookshelf allows you to manage web files, PDF documents, and books. The app will enable you to keep all your reading materials in a single place. The great thing is that it supports flashcards and comments to help you review your learning materials at organized intervals.

7 Useful Windows Apps for Students

The app supports a reasonably new concept called Pagemarks, which tracks everything you are reading and your progress.

  1. Grammarly

Writing an essay for the first time entails putting all your ideas together to find out if they make sense. It is common to have spelling errors and sentences that are not well-written or punctuated in your first draft. If you hand in your assignment for grading in this condition, it could lower your grades.

Using Grammarly allows you to proofread your essays. The tool checks spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and suggests synonyms make your articles enjoyable.

  1. Writefull

Writing entails organizing all your thoughts and phrasing them in a manner that will make sense to readers. As a student, it may be challenging to find the right words that explain your thoughts when doing an assignment. Writefull gives you an opinion about your writing by checking your written work against several Google Language databases. These databases usually obtain their results from various sources, including the News, Web, and Google Scholar.

Learning does not have to be tasking. Using the right application allows you to plan accordingly and understand your schedules as they fall due.


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