AdVenture Capitalist for PC Windows & Mac

Shape your own destiny and become the master investor in this simulation game AdVenture Capitalist. This game possess all the properties of real-world investing like what type of business you want to start or invest in, how many businesses you want to put your money in and similar tough investment related decision will have deep implications on your journey to becoming the next Warren Buffet of investment world. You start off as an owner of a lemonade stand, give it your best and as money starts flowing in you can diversify your portfolio of investment by lending money to promising new start-ups as venture capitalist. Of course being a venture capitalist is not without it’s risks so in order to hedge your bets invest in established business by buying shares in them. This finance based game will delight not only professionals but casual gamer can get used to various investment strategies and learn the basics of business decision making in AdVenture Capitalist for Windows 10 & Mac.AdVenture_Capitalist_for_Windows10You have to be adroit in sifting both short and long term investment opportunities. Some businesses return profits quickly albeit small amount, but patients is rewarded in this game if you spend money on businesses that return huge margins but over a long term. So, it depends what sort of business-mix fits your preference. In AdVenture Capitalist for PC you have ten different businesses to invest your money on and the choice depends whether you want quick money or long term stability. As you become a mature investor and business grow, profits start to flow more rapidly. Some investments would require huge outlay of money from the scratch and in order to invest in them you must have enough money in the bank to pull off a deal. It’s advisable that you save some money first before going for ‘Outside Earth’ investments in AdVenture Capitalist for Windows.

One downside of this game is that it demands a constant attention to keep an eye on your investments and on mobile device this could put an undue strain on the battery, so it’s recommended that you play it on desktops or laptops without worrying about battery drainage. We will show you how to get AdVenture Capitalist for PC Windows 10 & Mac OS X in the next section.

How to download and install AdVenture Capitalist for PC Windows 10 & Mac:

Just follow these simple instructions to download AdVenture Capitalist on windows and mac loaded computers.

1 – Download best android app player BlueStacks here. For downloading instructions click here.

2 – Now register with BlurStacks using Google Play ID.

3 – Once on home screen, go to the search box located at the very left of the top row. Type ‘AdVenture Capitalist‘ in search. Click app icon on the list that will pop up.

4 – Click install on the game installation windows as shown in the image below.AdVenture_Capitalist_for_PC5 – There is another way of doing it. You can also download AdVenture Capitalist Apknow go to the downloaded Apk file in your system’s download folder and click on the game icon to install it on BlueStacks.

6 – Next on BlueStacks home screen on the first row there is a little plus sign icon on the extreme right captioned ‘all apps’, click on it to go to the installed apps list.

7 – Click game icon on BlueStacks all apps list and there it is your game is opened. Have fun!

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