ASUS ZenBook 3 for Windows, A Macbook Alternative for PC Windows Users

Computer hardware maker ASUS has announced third-generation version of its portable ZenBook notebook for Windows users. In its press conference held yesterday the company unveiled ASUS ZenBook 3 ultra-portable notebook, specifically designed to offer users of Windows platform a viable and potent alternative to Apple’s 12-inch Retina Macbook. Although in terms of specs ASUS and Apple’s notebook are toe-to-toe, however, ASUS claims that its ZenBook 3 for Windows holds advantage over Macbook in terms of thinness, weight and processing speed, which can only be verified when it soon becomes available for public sale. Nonetheless, the launched of ASUS ZenBook 3 for Windows 10 has drawn attention of industry experts and general public.

Forms factor of ASUS Zenbook 3 takes the cake. We have seen time and again that manufacturers in their enthusiasm to churn out thinnest and lightest notebooks before competitors eventually deliver half backed products to the market. Trade off among weight, shape, body and exterior are common occurrences, but this is not the case with ASUS ZenBook 3 because its body is made up of aluminum, which is, according to the company, 50% stronger than the standard aluminum alloy used for making notebooks. This surprisingly hasn’t affected the weight of the machine as ZenBook 3’s aerospace-grade aluminum chassis weights mere 2 pounds. Moreover, its just 11.9mm thick.



ZenBook 3 boasts pretty impressive hardware specs when you come to think of its light weight and thin exterior. Although, it has edge-to-edge display but not entirely without 7.6mm bezels. I think we still haven’t reached a point in notebook evolution when full glass display panel will be a common theme. 12.5 inch display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which makes the notebook a go to option for Windows users who prefer media consumption at HD quality along with portability.


RAM & Processor:

ZenBook 3 comes in two variants: one with Intel Core i5 processor and the other with Intel Core i7. Also you can choose between Windows 10 Home or Pro loaded notebook versions. You can further customize ASUS notebook by adding 512 GB SSD or a staggering 1TB PCI Gen 3 SSD. Things get even better with 16 GB 2133MHz RAM which would enable you to play graphics intensive apps, programs and media content without any problem.

Battery & Touchpad:

Battery life of ZenBook is not out the ordinary, it notches 9 hours per charge, it can vary depending on your daily media consumption patterns. You can use quick charge option to charge battery up to 60% in just under 50 minutes if you want to use the notebook urgently. It also comes with fingerprint sensor for secure login and a back-lit keyboard.


Audio & Speakers:

ZenBook 3 is also packed with amazing sound quality speaker, which should not come across as a surprise considering ASUS is renowned for making quality digital sound devices and speakers. It has quad-speaker that would give Windows users immersive media consumption experience.


ASUS ZenBook 3 comes in three colors: Rose Gold, Royal Blue and Quartz Grey. It has USB port for charging the device and connecting other hardware devices with the notebook. One think that many ultra-thin notebooks lack is the cooling fan for regulating heat but ZenBook 3 is the exception to this norm as it contains cooling system that prevents the notebook from heating up after lengthy usage.

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