Bookviser Reader for Windows 10

Bookviser Reader is the best rated and reviewed eBook reader on Windows App Store and over 4 million users from across 150 countries are proof of the popularity of this multi-functional eBook reader. After testing this app we strongly recommend this eBook reader app. Interface of the app doesn’t put strain on your eyes. If you are a voracious book reader then Bookviser eBook reader is the perfect option for you.Bookviser_Reader_for_WindowsWith Bookviser Reader you can read books from your library on Windows PC. There are two layouts for reading; first is Column text in which one book page is view at a time and the other is Panoramic layout in which pages are displayed side by side like real physical books. There is also an option to convert files into PDF documents within the app. Zooming options let you adjust font size that suit your eyesight requirements. Below is the list of some of the main features of the app.

Main Features of Bookviser Reader:

1 – Bookviser Reader supports Epub format. So you can convert Epub files into PDF. Also reading books in Epub format is lots more fun with Bookviser.

2 – You can create your own customized library of books.

3 – You can customize the appearance of the books that best suit your taste by adjusting fonts, color, size, margins, line space, day/night theme.

4 – It supports fb2, ePub and txt formats.

5 – Both landscape and portrait modes are available.

6 – By using public catalogs such as Project Gutenberg, Smashword and Feedbooks you can download thousands of books.

7 – Use in-app browser for downloading books from the internet.

8 – You can import books from OneDrive, SD card or from PC file system.

9 – Use translation feature to translate words into your language, look up for word definition via in-built dictionary, create bookmarks and notes.

10 – Create categories by sorting books by authors and genres which makes searching books easier.

11 – One of the best feature of Bookviser Reader is that you can sync your books across multiple windows devices and can create backup of all your reading material including bookmarks and notes.

12 – Audio speech options is there for those who prefer to listen to books.

Bookviser Reader is the most preferred ebook reader option for users of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7. [Download Bookvider Reader]

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