Windows 10 Themes

Top 10 Best Windows 10 Themes – [Download Free]

Windows 10 Themes are here for you to download for free on desktop/laptop. Without a responsive, animated theme Windows PC looks bland and lifeless. Themes give entire PC operating system a new charm and fresh interface. Internet is […]

Windows 10 Themes

Download Best 4K Wallpapers for Windows 10

Here is our pick for best 4K wallpaper for Windows 10 this week. Normal wallpapers are the thing of the past, nowadays better technology has enabled users to download and install 4K HD wallpapers on their desktops and laptops. 4K […]

Windows 10 Themes

Download 4K HD Wallpapers for Windows 10

First thing many people do after installing the new operating system is to search for the best wallpapers around. One of the main attributes of new Windows 10 OS is the improvement in graphics department, which […]

Windows 10 Themes

5 Best Windows 10 Themes of the Week

Here are our picks of five best Windows 10 themes this week. Each theme comes with its unique ambiance and characterization. Let’s take a look at the list without further ado. 1 – Licorice Download […]

How To

How to Set Windows 10 Dark Theme

Default operating system theme on Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 is the white one. But not everyone is chuffed about having to perform an unwieldy process in order to change the white theme to […]

Windows 10 Themes

Top 5 Windows 10 Nature Themes

Windows 10 is being rapidly accepted and installed on millions of devices across the world in just a few months since its launch. One of the first thing many do after migrating to new OS […]

Windows 10 Themes

Top 5 Free Windows 10 Themes for Windows 7

Almost every Microsoft Windows PC has been upgraded to the company’s latest OS Windows 10 by now. New OS has plenty of innovative features that have been made available keeping in mind ever changing user preferences. […]

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