CCleaner for PC Windows 10

With the ever increasing use of the internet and third party applications, hard drive of computer systems gets clogged with cookies, junk files and unwanted software that could end up consuming hefty space on hard drive and suck resources resulting in compromising system speed. But with CCleaner for PC Windows you can relieve yourself from all these worries with just a click of button. CCleaner keeps widows OS clean of malicious files and programs that can leave your PC vulnerable to hacking attacks and malfunction.

Apart from freeing space on hard disk and speeding up Windows 10, it also removes marks of your online history from browsers. After installing CCleaner, you would see two button on the home screen ‘Windows’ and ‘Applications’. Select Windows and hit ‘Run cleaner’ in order to take away unwanted files stored in pre-installed windows applications. On the other hand, click ‘Applications’ to clean third party applications of unnecessary junk files. You can select which application to clean by checking the box next to it. There is another blue button at the bottom of the home screen ‘Analyze’, what it basically does is it cleans registries infested with junk files and cookies from browsers.CCleaner_for_Windows10User interface of CCleaner for PC is easy to grasp, you don’t need to be an expert to understand various options. On the left hand side of the home windows are four options i.e. Cleaner, Registry, Tools and Options. Cleaner cleans system as described above, ‘Registry’ scans your system’s start menu, libraries, installer, obsolete software, file extensions and many other hidden locations to detect redundant files and deletes them with your permission before letting them snag system performance. ‘Tools button take you to the windows from where it’s easy to delete undesired software from the PC. And finally ‘Options’ button helps you fix settings according to your preferences and also provides an overview of other services and software offered by the developer.CCleaner_for_WindowsIn short, if you are looking for a software to remove junk/internet files from computer and improve its efficiency and performance then you have come to the right place because here you can download the best tool available on the market to clean windows desktops and laptops. CCleaner caters to the needs of both individual and business users, professional version presents more services compared to the free version. [Download CCleaner]


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