Crocodile Attack 2016 for PC – Windows 10 & Mac OS X

Rated 16+ on Google Play this new simulation game Crocodile Attack 2016 is both funny and disturbing in equal parts. It’s a roller coaster ride of Crocodile attacking and people trying to survive gory attacks. Unlike many other games based on similar themes you get to play bad guy in this one. You are not human trying to evade the advancing crocodile attacks but you are play as crocodile itself. Swim, crouch and attack your prey with precision and swiftness because your intended prey sneaks away as soon as it gets even a sniff that your crocodile is lurking around. Crocodile Attack 2016 for Windows 10 PC and Crocodile Attack 2016 for Mac OS X let you play this funny game on computers with more clear graphics and mouse to quickly click your way towards the prey via BlueStacks and BlueStacks 2 android app player. Feed your crocodile as many people as possible because if it stays hungry for long you run the risk of deteriorating its health and it could eventually die of hunger. As you feed the crocodile more it gets bigger and stronger. Attacks humans on beaches basking in sunshine, be extremely quiet and attack suddenly otherwise they will get away. You can also attack people on boats and those enjoying swim in the lake. In each level you must eat required number of humans before the timer runs out. There are number of crocodile types some are quick others devour prey quickly thus saving you time before moving on to the next victim. In later stages cows, chicken and other animals come into the play, attack them as well.


With Crocodile Attack 2016 for PC you can also play the game on PCs and laptops running on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista & Mac OS X. Follow the instructions below to play the full android mobile version of the game on Windows 10 PC  and Mac OS X.

How to download and install Crocodile Attack 2016 for Windows 10 PC:

1 – First download and install BlueStacks android emulator here. For Rooted BlueStacks click here.

2 – After completing the setup, go to BlueStacks home screen and type Crocodile Attack 2016 in the search box.

3 – Next click install as shown in the image below.


4 – In second method, download Crocodile Attack 2016 Apk here for directly installing the game in BluStacks. Click downloaded apk file for installation.

5 – Now on BlueStacks home screen select all apps in the top row. Find the game in all installed apps list and click on it.

6 – All done. Funny crocodile attacking game is all set for you to play on PC via BlueStacks.

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