Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure for PC Windows & MAC

Fans of Demi Lovato match-three puzzle games, brace yourself for the latest Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure by Philymack Games. Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure for iOS has been released for iPhone and iPad users. Here you can see how to download and install Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure for PC on Windows and MAC desktop / laptop. Using the steps in the guide below, you can setup this iOS exclusive game now on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X / macOS Sierra powered PCs. Help Demi and her dog in slaying zombie-paparazzi who follow her everywhere she goes. Solve puzzles to stop zombarazzie from chasing Demi.


There are 100 levels in Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure for PC Windows & MAC for you to play and stop people following Demi around. In this match-three puzzle epic game, join three or more same color zombie faces on the puzzle board to clear rows and columns to complete levels. In every level, there will be limited moves to complete the puzzle, if you run out of moves before solving the puzzle, your game will be over on the spot.

Use your limited moves wisely, and seek help from your dog to fetch you gems, coins and other helpful items that you can use to unlock combo and power moves for clearing entire puzzle board in one hit in Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure for PC.

You get five lives in one go, but if you lose one life you will have to wait around 20 minute to play again in the free version, therefore, choose your moves carefully. Use your powerups and coins to unlock spells and special moves for quickly solving puzzles. See the guide below to download and install this high entertaining and addictive game Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure for PC Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, XP & MAC desktop/laptop computer.

Download and Install Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure for PC Windows and MAC:

1- Download iPadian from links below:

iPadian: Link | Mirror | iPadian (v3 – Latest Version)

2 – Install the iOS emulator tool on PC and login with Apple App Store ID to access iOS apps in iPadian.

3 – Open iPadian for PC and click on the App Store app.

4 – Type in the game’s name in the search box and hit enter key.

5 – Click on the app icon from search result to open installer screen inside iPadian.

6 – Tap/click on the install button.

7 – Go to the app drawer where you installed the game and click on its icon to start playing

8 – All done.


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