Download Advanced SystemCare Free for PC – Windows 10

Advanced SystemCare Free is best diagnostic software with tons of advanced features for PC optimization and cleaning to speedup Windows 10 PC. Say goodbye to slow Windows PCs and laptops after installing Advanced SystemCare for Windows. It is free for download program and is compatible with Windows 10 & Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista/XP systems as well. Developed by critically acclaimed software powerhouse Iobit, this PC cleaner tool is best for fast computer scanning and repair to rejuvenate PC speed and power. Download Advanced SystemCare 9 for faster PC Windows desktops and laptops.


Several factors can inhibit optimal PC performance such as clogged up system files, gratuitous registry files, disk fragmentation, virus, malware and many more resulting in slower and lagging PC. All these issues can be taken care of by new Advanced SystemCare 9 software which boosts PC Windows & laptops with its full optimization features.

Best features of Advanced SystemCare 9:

Let’s take a look at what makes this software package the best PC diagnostic tool according to many critics.

300% Faster PC: Wear and tear are part and parcel of any PC as it gets older resulting in slow speed and stuttering performance. Windows registry errors create lots of unwanted files that hamper computer speed. But with Speed Up module in this software junk files are thrown out that reside inside system files and take up plenty of hard disk space, thus, affecting PC speed. Fast defragmentation & optimization of registry files, removal of unimportant apps and troubleshoot services ensure fast PC with registry cleaner.

Quick PC Startup: Advanced SystemCare 9 has a new startup manager that debilitates excessive programs and apps to increase startup speed and reduce boot time.

Safe & Fast Browsing: Incompatible or shoddy plug-ins, malware and toolbars put severe strain on browser’s ability to quickly execute commands resulting in slow webpage opening and downloading from the internet. But this software tool not only takes care of all those issues, it also adjust browser settings to optimum level in all popular browsers including new Microsoft Edge Windows 10 browser. No need to go to settings for settings default web browser, you can now do so with a few clicks with this tool which also kills cookies & junk from the computer.

Full Win10 Support: Some add-ons and plug-ins access your personal information without your knowledge which may result in financial and private data getting in wrong hands but Advanced SystemCare makes them ineffective even before they can get to your information by constantly monitoring and tracking malicious activity on web browser. One of the main criticism of Windows 10 is user data gathering for research purposes even if user likes it or not Microsoft gathers private data for service improvement but this app prevents any such activity in its tracks by protecting your location settings, messages and contacts from unauthorized access.

Download Free Advanced SystemCare: Link

For paid version of the software with complete features and regular updates click here. If you like this product then you will also surely like another PC optimizing tool from Iobit Smart Defrag 5 RC here, its fast defrag engine speeds up defragmentation process, makes disks perform faster by defragging entire and specific files on them and deletes unnecessary files for creating more space.

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