Download Best Firewall Software for Windows 10

PC users have been grappling with data privacy and security issues ever since factors such as online surveillance in the name of public safety, data collection by corporation in the garb of better user services and online hacker attacks on personal & monetary information assumed dangerous proportions. Windows OS leads PC market so we considered it important to help users in selecting best firewall apps to fortify their personal and business related data saved on desktops & laptops. Quality firewall app installed on Windows 10 certifies that no harm could be done to the information saved on digital devices. Accessing the internet in the absence of a reliable firewall app installed on your PC is akin to inviting intruders to poach into your personal domain. Windows 10 apps come with added layer of security but it’s better to have firewall software on your computers for safe internet browsing as well as online shopping.

Keep in mind the main difference that lies between firewall and antivirus program is that the former deal chiefly with hackers and malware while latter addresses virus related issues. So, it’s recommended that you have both firewall enabled and antivirus program installed on your PC for complete protection.

After testing numerous firewall apps, we have come up with the following which we consider are above the rest when it comes to providing all around data security.

1 – Windows Firewall

This first entry in the list also the default Windows 10 firewall software that comes pre-installed with all home & pro Windows copies. It uses Microsoft’s industry leading packet filtering system that protects each packet of data travelling on networks by coating them with layers of impenetrable codes. Go to control panel > system & security > windows firewall for turning firewall program on or off. Once enabled Windows Firewall stops hackers from entering your computers thus preventing malware and worms from attacking the PC.

2 – ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

While Windows Firewall only performs essential firewall tasks, this ZoneAlarm Free Firewall performs both antivirus and firewall duties. It stealth mode it conceals PC from hackers, hence, curtailing any chance of inbound or outbound attack. Constant internet traffic monitors any suspicious activity and deals with it even before it gets the chance to reach your PC through network gateways. Even the most advanced virus attacks can’t get past ZoneAlarm Free firewall which oversee programs to spot any suspicious behavior on the spot. Protects your personal data from being vulnerable to identity theft. Regularly backs up data so that you can restore from the last saved point in the event of hardware malfunction.

Basic free version is suitable for home users, business users can pick the price plan for advanced protection.

System requirements:

Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)

2GHz processor/1.5 GB hard disk space

Microsoft .NET framework v3.5 or later

IE v7 or later/ Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Safari browsers

Download ZoneAlarm Free Firewall: Link

3 – TinyWall

TinyWall firewall provides 24/7 protection against malware and hacker attacks. After installation it performs all tasks in the background without pestering you with annoying pop-up ads or notifications. It contains a whitelist feature, basically it’s the area that deal with removing malicious malware from PC, but it requires you to manually place program in the whitelist before it can be dealt with by TinyWall. It has easy to use interface and is light, so doesn’t take up much hard disk space or processor power while running. What’s more its completely free.

Download TinyWwall: Link

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