Download Free Baidu Browser for Windows 10 (Desktop/Laptop)

Baidu Browser for Windows 10 is the new super fast internet browser that guarantees fast internet browsing experience along with host of new features that you rarely find in even the most popular web browsing tools as we shall see later in this post. Baidu Browser differentiates itself from Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari browsers with its distinguishing set of new tools to make browsing easier and quicker all the while ensuring user security and privacy. Download Baidu Browser for free and accomplish all basic browsing tasks such as downloading, web search, screenshots and many more in almost no time at all. Baidu Browser is compatible with Windows 10 & PC Windows 8/8.1/7/XP desktops and laptops.

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Baidu Browser provides all the features that you normally come to expect from any top quality modern web browser but there are some unique features in it as well that set it apart from the competition, mainly a pop-up window feature that plays video and audio files on separate window while you work on the main browser on something else. See below the list of new features in Baidu to get a better understanding about this internet browser app.

Main Features of Baidu Browser and Helpful Tricks:

Auto Account Syncing: Chrome is the most widely used web browser these days and many users have bookmarks and saved items on it that they might want to use on another browser for specific tasks. In such scenarios Baidu Browser’s account syncing feature makes it easy for you to transfer all Chrome data, settings and bookmarks onto it by just logging into the browser with Google account. When the work is done simply log out to get back to normal Baidu browsing task bar and original settings.

Easy Mouse Scrolling: Baidu browser has built-in mouse gesture and movement controls that makes scrolling, clicking, selecting items and downloading quicker by cutting unnecessary clicking and selection steps. Move mouse pointer forward, back, up and down as well as open new tabs, refresh pages without clicking; now just swipe mouse to finish browsing tasks. Click the link for tutorial guide below.

Take Screenshots faster: Now there is no need to open another screenshot taking tool because you can now take screenshots quickly using in app screenshot option.


Recover Recently Closed Tabs: We all know how annoying it can get when any tab is accidentally closed on the web browser, especially if it contained something important you were working on. Well, you can now recover all recently closed tabs easily and resume work right from where it was left by clicking just one restore button on the tool bar.


Easy Drag and Drop & New Playing Window: If you are carrying out multiple tasks such as watching a video and doing web search at the same time then do so without having to switch tabs by clicking pop-up window button on tool bar which plays videos is separate window allowing you to perform any browsing task while watching or listening to some soundtrack or music video. Or just drag and drop video tab anywhere on the screen to see it on a new window.


Download Baidu Web Browser: Link

Download Baidu Offline Installer: Link

Baidu Offline Installer enables offline browsing particularly if you have slow or shoddy internet connection. In Baidu browser there is in-app browser doctor option that helps diagnose and fix browsing issues, there is no need to search the internet for solving browser related problems, Baidu does that automatically for you. In case you need more help in getting used to this awesome new web browser then check user guide here. Also try another fantastic offering from the developers of Baidu Browser called Baidu PC Faster to increase PC speed, click here.

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