Download Google Search for PC Windows 10

If you want to search something on internet and you don’t have Google, it would be like swimming through the ocean without arms and legs. Yes, Google has all the powerful search tools which no one else have reached even closer to the standards set by them.

With the release of Windows 10 you have all the main apps installed with it and along all those apps Microsoft have tried to introduced their newly developed artificial intelligence character Cortana in this version of the Windows. Which is a bit of SIRI and Google Search mixed together with limited number of resources that it has to use from. But all these services that Microsoft tends to provide its users are of no use unless you have a standard and well functioning search engine installed on your PC running Windows 10.

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The only App on Windows Market by Google is Google Search for PC Windows 10 :

Thanks to folks at Google as they still have that helping hand for the Microsft Windows users both on desktop and on Mobile platform. Google has decided to let them provide with the best searching tool available on internet and thus decided to keep posting their only app on Windows Phone Market which is recently renamed to “Windows 10 Store” or only store.

How to download Google Search on Windows Store:

Google mobile OS users, i.e Android, would never have to search for Google Search app on the Google Play Store as it is already pre loaded on their mobile devices. But for other platform users like iOS and Windows Phone users, they have to find and download this app from their respective stores or markets.

We will let you know how to download and install Google Search for PC Windows 10 using a simple step by step guide given below.

Step 1: First of all you should have Windows Market or “Store” installed on your PC running Windows 10. It is basically pre-Installed on any version of Windows 10 for users to purchase any app or to download the free ones from there.

Step 2: Once you opened the Store go to search menu and type ” Google Search” .

Google_Search_Window_10 (2)

Step 3: It will immediately show the only Google Search on the list and you can click on Free or Install to download it on your Pc.

Step 4: on most cases the size of the app shown is 15.9 mb to be exact. Once done, it will install Google Search for PC automatically.

Google_Search_Window_10 (3)


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That’s it, hope you successfully downloaded and installed the Google Search for PC Windows 10. The best thing about this app is that it will allow you to sign in and once done, the best Google data sync features will make this new app synchronized and ready for use as you used it on previous Android device or even in the Google Chrome browser.


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