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iSkysoft iMusic for PC is the best all-in-one MP3 music manager and MP3 downloader and transfer app that you can have on your Windows or MAC desktop / laptop. Music lovers constantly complain about the lack of quality apps around that could help them manage their massive music libraries. Managing music files manually is never an easy tasks, especially it’s scattered all around your device or you are regular music downloader type. Well, there’s an app that can make your life a whole lot more easier when it comes to automatically manage music files on your device. Today, we are going to tell you everything about this amazing app iSkysoft iMusic downloader and manager and how to download, install and setup the app on your device for letting this app automatically handle every task related to managing music. The iSkysoft iMusic – Music Manger all-in-one MP3 downloader and management app is available on Windows PC and MAC platforms.


iSkySoft iMusic – Music Downloader and Manager Best Features

If you are looking for a complete app that can assist you in properly managing and organizing music files on your device, then look no further than iSkysoft iMusic app. This music management software is quite unique in a way it elegantly lays out options in the main menu for easy access. The app features support for almost 4000 sites from where you can download music and create unlimited personalized playlists for free. You can also transfer music among Android devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, PC Windows and MAC. The iSkysoft iMusic manager has features for fixing iTunes library covers and tags, record songs, clean and repair deleted or damaged music files. Click on the links below for iSkySoft iMusic free download on your device.

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You can find plenty of music manager apps on the internet, but most of them leave one disappointed largely due to the unfriendly interface, complex options menus and similar other drawbacks. The iSkysoft iMusic has a user-friendly interface and easy to understand menus, that enable users to quickly access every options with minimum taps and clicks required. Some hover the mouse pointer over any icon to see a brief description about its main function. There is no lengthy learning period with iSkysoft iMusic, since every option and feature is self-explanatory.

Why iSkySoft iMusic – Music Manager and Downloader?

There are several reasons for picking the iSkysoft iMusic app over others. Here’s some of the best features of iSkysoft iMusic downloader and MP3 manager.

Free Music

This is the most important factor that weights heavily when people decide to go with a certain app as their main music manager software on their device. Everyone loves getting free music. All music lovers who are constantly on the lookout for ways to download and install free music, will find iSkysoft iMusic the best option of the lot.

There’s a built-in music library in the iSkysoft iMusic with latest and trending songs and playlists shown on the main interface. You can use the search function to find all the available free tracks and popular playlists. You can search via song, playlist, album or artist. And the best bit is you can download music absolutely free.

Large Music Library

The iSkysoft iMusic supports almost 4000 sites. You can download songs from almost 4000 music sites and social networks on the internet, including Facebook, Vevo, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Groove, Pandora and more. You can also choose the download format for your music file, the app allows you to pick whether to download in MP3 or MP4 format, and save them directly to your own playlists, or the iTunes library.


Backup Entire Music Library

With the iSkysoft iMusic you can stop worrying about even a single one of your music files saved on the iTunes library ever again at the time of transferring content on a new device or if you are changing device and want to transfer music files onto the new device. Backup iTunes music library on iSkySoft iMusic on PC. For transferring the backup data on some other device, all you need to do is to connect your device to PC on which iSkysoft iMusic is installed, and within a few click your entire iTunes music library or selected music files will be transferred in minutes.

Transfer Music on Different Devices

One of the biggest problem that many mobile device owners face it to find a way of syncing music files using tools that are incompatible with your device. However, iSkysoft iMusic has solved this problem for once and for all. After installing this music manager app, you won’t face issues with syncing iTunes music on Android devices, or to backup and save songs from Android device straight on to the iTunes library. Besides, you can also sync music from iTunes to a range of different devices like Motorola, LG, Samsung, ZTW, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC and more. Add playlists or music from Android device to iTunes library using iSkysoft iMusic using the options on the main interface of the software.


Fix Damaged Music Library

The iSkysoft iMusic is considered all-in-one music manager for a reason. It helps you to not only transfer music and data but also enables you to fix entire iTunes library or sections of it that have been damaged. With this app, you can repair damaged iTunes library songs, fix labels, album covers and more. You don’t need to sift through the entire iTunes library to find the duplicate tracks and remove them, or to find the misplaced song, the iSkysoft iMusic app does that for you automatically.

Record Songs for Offline Listening

Apart from downloading and managing music libraries and playlists, in the iSkysoft iMusic you can also Record songs using the Record feature. Just play the song, and while its playing, click on the record button, after which the software will start recording that songs automatically along with artist name, album cover, song title, year and genre. You can use this feature to record songs being played on radio as well.

Transfer iTunes Content Among Apple Devices

iSkysoft iMusic has made it so easy to transfer and save music from iTunes to Android devices, and also, to transfer music playlists, soundtracks, iTunes U, TV shows, movies, Podcasts and more between iTunes and iPhone, iPad or iPod without needing to authorize your device to link it with your Apple ID. Hence, no need to worry about 5 device restrictions for an Apple ID after installing iSkySoft iMusic – music manager tool.

Download iSkysoft iMusic for PC:

To get the best latest version of iSkysoft iMusic for your device, head over to https:/ where you will find both free and the paid version. You can use free version for some trail period, after which you need to pay to continue to use the software. Or, you can keep on using the free version but with limited features. iSkysoft iMusic for Windows & MAC paid version has more features and comes with free technical support.

Are you using iSkysoft iMusic? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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