Download Keeper for Windows 10 PC

Lots being discussed these days about user privacy and online data protection largely due to surveillance and hacker attack reasons. Keeping your important files and documents safe and secure on PCs has become all the more important, there are many apps available on the market that profess to make your private and business information safe. Keeper is one such app that acts as a digital vault where you can safely secure all your important information and passwords. It’s been among the top downloaded apps across the North America region because its impenetrable servers keep troublemakers at bay.

Keeper for Windows 10 is one security app that beside being free for download offers range of services that no other app of similar nature can claim to present. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the app.

You can store as many passwords as you like in Keeper. In an online world it gets difficult to remember all passwords to keeping them secure at one place reduces the need to memorize all of them.

Keeper has the best data protection mechanism in place that guards against hackers and online theft.

Inside Keeper vault everything stays encrypted so no one except you or the ones you authorize can access the important information both online and offline. Keeper uses industry leading AES-256 and PBKDF2 encryption technology.

Keeper assists in settings strong passwords and stores them for use in a safe place. There is no need to remember them now, you can recover lost passwords in seconds.

KeeperFill is one of its kind service that you can use to auto-fill passwords on websites.

You can save data of all formats such as pictures, videos, files, folders, texts, private or business information.

You can create a user group inside Keeper to share information among group members, This feature is particularly useful if you are working on projects and want to keep everything secure.

You can sync information stored on various devices at one place with a single Keeper account. Syncing across PCs, phones and tablets takes just a few seconds.

Set timer to logout automatically in case you are away and forget to sign out from your Keeper account.

If you are worried about private information taking up too much space on PC hard drive then use Keeper cloud service to store all your important records instantly.

One the best features of Keeper is its self-destruct feature that automatically locks or destroys the data vault in case an unauthorized person tries to get to your data and password records.

Download Keeper today and protect all your data and passwords with an app trusted by millions around the world. With KeeperFill browser extension autofill information on your preferred websites. Download KeeperFill here for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

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