Download New Universal Dropbox App for PC Windows 10

Contrary to popular perception that companies in today’s ferocious tech industry leave no stone unturned in order to inflict financial losses on competitors, recent collaboration between cloud storage business rivals Microsoft and Dropbox comes as a pleasant surprise. Latest agreement between OneDrive online storage service owner Microsoft and Dropbox cloud storage company means that in all new Windows 10 versions Dropbox will come as universal app rather than stand alone third-party application. This integration of Dropbox into PC Windows 10 does arouse curiosity because Microsoft is in a way cooperating with its rival in cloud storage business. Whatever the real motive behind it, end user will be the real winner of this integration of the best cloud service with most used OS in the world.

This also signals the future direction of Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella in which emphasis on cloud services constitutes a major component of the business strategy. This doesn’t mean that OneDrive online storage lags Dropbox in terms of functionality and services. Recent success that Microsoft has garnered in cloud business hinges largely upon OneDrive’s widespread acceptance rate and positive user reviews.

Dropbox will come as native app in Windows 10 loaded PCs and tablets, though, nothing concrete has been said about Windows 10 phones & Dropbox integration yet. What this Dropbox Windows 10 assimilation means is that it will bring added functionality and better productivity to users. Editing, copying, saving, sharing and managing Dropbox documents will become easier for users as there wouldn’t be any need to open the app separately to perform all these tasks when Dropbox will become universal Windows 10 app in the coming days. Dropbox related tasks can now be performed with few simple clicks on Windows 10 devices, thus cutting extra steps to perform most cloud storage linked tasks and saving time in turn.

Microsoft’s chief evangelist Steve Guggenheimer shrewdly reasoned the rationale behind this recent partnership between Microsoft and Dropbox in an eloquent statement:

“Microsoft is excited to partner with Dropbox to bring more cloud storage and productivity services to Windows 10 across PC and tablets. With the arrival of Dropbox, Windows 10 fans have easy and convenient access to photos, documents, and files anytime, anywhere.”

Now, alongside OneDrive in File Explorer, users will see another cloud storage option in the form of Dropbox. Just drag and drop files into Dropbox folder and files will be synced automatically provided PC is connected to the internet. You can use Cortana for searching Dropbox files quickly. On top of all this Dropbox files will surely be benefited by enhanced Windows 10 system security features, resulting in more secure online file transfers and storage. [Download Dropbox here]

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