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Survival games are very popular these days. Recent hits like Rules of Survival, Last Battleground Survival, Mini Dayz Survival, Last Day on Earth Survival, and others have spikes players’ interest all across the globe. Survival games have captured the imagination of mobile users in particular. Only recently a new survival game came to the fore. We are talking about Survival Squad. After playing Survival Squad, we can safely say that this is one of the best new survival games out on any platform. Really interesting aspect of it is the amazing graphics that run even on lower to mid range mobile devices without lags. Like many other survival games, it starts with players dropped off on a deserted, remote location. From thereon, every player is on its own. It is your strategy skills and ability to survive that counts the most in the end. Participate in live survival mode to see how to fare again other players trying to accomplish the same goal as yours.


As Survival Squad starts, you will dropped onto an island. Console like 3D graphics make playing it on bigger displays of PC and laptop an enjoyable experience. Location in this one are different from other survival games. Island has gas stations, utility stores, houses, rivers, mountains, caves and much more. It all boils down to how well you use these resources to your advantage. There are vehicles all over the place, get one before other players as it makes it quick to search for food and weapons needed for survival.


Every other player is your adversary. No one can be relied upon, there are no friends in Survival Squad. Last player standing rules the place and controls its resources. You cannot show mercy because you never know when others turn on you. Online server of the game connects millions of player daily. Find a safe place on the island and plan your moves based on ever changing circumstances. Weapons are hidden across the map, find them and put them in convenient location so that they are easy to find when needed.


Visuals of Survival Squad are set it apart from other survival games. And to get the best experience out of it, download Survival Squad for PC on your desktop PC/laptop running on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and macOS Sierra/Mac OS X devices. Here are the steps to play Survival Squad for PC.

Download Survival Squad for PC – Bluestacks Method

1 – Download and install Bluestacks 3 on your PC (Windows Only). Mac users can use Bluestacks Offline Installer to run this Android game.

2 – Download Survival Squad APK file and save it on computer.

3 – Open Bluestacks 3 and click My Apps tab.

4 – Click on Install APK button in Bluestacks 3.

5 – Find and select the downloaded Survival Squad APK and let it install the game on Bluestacks.

6 – Once the installation is over, you can access Survival Squad in the My Apps section of bluestacks 3.

7 – All done.

Download Survival Squad for PC using NOX App Player

1 – Download and install Nox App Player on Windows or Mac.

2 – Launch Nox App Player and search Survival Squad.

3 – Install this game by following on-screen instructions.

4 – Alternatively, download Survival Squad APK on computer and click to install the game on Nox.

5 – Once installed, go the main home page or installed apps section to run and play this game on PC.

6 – All done.

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