Download US Army Training School Game for PC – (Windows & MAC)

Kick Time Studios are known for developing action packed mobile games and their latest US Army Training School Game takes you in the grueling world of army training. Apply for the army as a civilian, live the life of an army cadet and pass various tests to pass out as a commissioned officer. Download US Army Training School Game for Android is available on Google Play Store. However, by using the instructions in the guide below, you’ll be able to download and install US Army Training School Game for PC on Windows or MAC desktop or laptop. Play US Army Training School Game for Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Mac OS X / macOS Sierra and date to clear the assault course army basic training by following the Drill Sergeant’s instructions, and join national guard military academy to pass initial entry training. Don’t let your unifrom get muddy during tests, if the mud bar gets full, you will have to replay the level.


This basic army combat training game has non-stop action. Get recruited in the boot camp and play as a new recruit in platoon. Follow commands for tasks and complete them. Clear military training by passing the commando battalion test in this action packed simulation game. Prove your physical and metal fitness to pass as a full officer.

In US Army Training School Game for PC Windows & MAC, just like in real world, you will go through vigorous tests and training methods in the boot camp of the military academy to hone your physical and mental skills. Transform yourself from ordinary to extraordinary commando by passing training tests. There will other soldiers from around the world, all sharing their test scores and awards, so to beat them join the leaderboard and compare your progress against the best soldiers.

There are obstacle based levels in the game designed to test your character’s physical fitness and mental ability to cope with the most trying situations. There are plenty of rigorous assault courses in US Army Training School Game for PC for you to complete. Your training process will take you across different army posts terrains like dense forests, hot deserts, arctic snow and other conditions. Jump over ten foot wall, swim in freezing arctic water, climb nets in hot deserts.

Download and Install US Army Training School Game for PC Windows and MAC:

1 – Download US Army Training School Game APK from the link below and save it on PC.

2 – Download BlueStacks App player for PC (updated version with online installer). For playing Android apps without internet connection on PC, download BlueStacks offline player (updated version). To play rooted Android apps on PC download rooted BlueStacks.

3 – Install BlueStacks on computer if you haven’t already, see help guide in above links.

4 – Click on the downloaded APK file to install the game on BlueStacks for PC.

5 – Alternatively, login on BlueStacks with Google Play Store ID. Next, find the game and install it from BlueStacks Google Play Store.

6 – Wait for the installation to finish.

7 – Back on BlueStacks main screen, tap/click on the game icon and start playing.

8 – That’s all.

US Army Training School Game APK Download


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