Download Vintage Journey Windows 10 Theme

New official Vintage Journey theme from Microsoft for Windows 10 PC/Laptop is available to download free. This theme contains images of picturesque open fields from around the world. This Vintage Journey theme for Windows 10 will delight the nature lovers. Each image in this Windows 10 Theme is in full HD resolution that perfectly fits on desktop and laptop display screens. Shot in vibrant colors and natural contrast, this theme is designed for modern day computer displays.

vintage journey theme for windows download

As you can see in the images of the theme in this post that each picture has a vintage car parked in some open field. These cars from the previous decades give a vintage feel to the whole theme. Colorful cars in open field with perfectly contrasted colors make these wallpapers just the kind of combination you would want to see as your desktop background. These vintage cars instead of being abandoned have been given a new life in these stunning wallpaper images of the Vintage Journey Windows Theme. Photographers who tool these images for the theme deserve all the credit for shooting such amazing photos in great depth and detail.

Vintage Journey Theme for Windows 10 (Download)

Before download, please note that this theme works with Windows 10 Creators Update and later versions. It can only be downloaded from the Windows Store. Although it is available on the official Microsoft wallpaper site, but the company is closing down the site and moving all wallpaper and themes over to its Windows Store. So hurry before its closed, if you are using older Windows version or a Mac computer. Download link is given below.

vintage journey theme for windows 10

Vintage Journey Theme: Download


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