Download WinSCP for Windows 10

WinSCP helps in easy transfer of files from local to remote computers. It’s a free open source client that supports FTP, SFTP, and SCP protocols for safe transfer of data. WinSCP for Windows 10 makes coping files on one PC and transferring them on to another simple and secure. It facilitates smooth transfer of files between computers that run on different software and have dissimilar hardware system and configuration. This best file transfer software ensures your all important work files reach their destination safe and secure on Windows 10 PC/laptops. Download the latest version of this free open source file transfer app for Windows on computers for quick and secure data sharing.


Main Features of WinSCP:

Its graphical user-interface is up there with modern standards of any quality file transferring app. You will find latest batch file scripting tools and command-line interface designed for faster copying and transfer of files. Security of your important work is the prime aim of this software tool, therefore, it includes features that allow you to password protect your files before transferring them. It has latest GSS publick and kerberos authentication and SSH password so that no hacker can unlock it.

WinSCP backs best internet security protocols such as SFTP/SCP over SSH-1 and SSH-2 along with older FTP protocol. You can choose to store session information to pick up at later time. Semi and full directory synchronization feature keeps data updated in case of sudden power failure.

WinSCP allows you to pick configuration files instead of registry entries for safe and accurate transfer of data and to copy content from secondary media such as CD/DVD or USB. Edit files before sending them inside the text editor which is easy to understand and use even for the beginners.

Bookmark directory that you mostly use, it saves times which would otherwise have been wasted on searching for directories in large data files. Interface of the app is similar to that of Windows File Explorer, which most of you are already familiar with.

Multiple language support is there to copy and transfer data files from one language to another. Viewing, editing, password protect and sharing data files with WinSCP is easy, fast and safe.

Download and Install WinSCP for Windows 10:

Brand new latest version of WinSCP 5.7.7 has been released with more functions and features. You can download complete free version from the link below. Once downloaded, open installer file, run it as admin and follow instructions for installation. Setup takes only a few minutes at most.

Download WinSCP for Windows 10 (Free): Link

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