Fix 0x80240014 Error When Installing Apps From Windows Store

Learn how to quickly Fix Windows Store Error 0x80240014 when trying to install apps and games from Windows 10 Store. Microsoft launch its own Windows store in Windows 8, which has kept growing with the addition of more and mroe apps and games into its fold in Windows 10. Users can download apps directly from the Windows Store without having to search the internet for finding the official app or game that’s compatible with Windows device. However, users have been reporting a mysterious error 0x80240014 in Windows Store when the attempt to download app or game. If you have the victim of any such error, then keep on reading as we are going to show you how to fix error 0x80240014 on Windows 10/8/8.1 app store.

fix windows store error 0x80240014

This Windows Store error 0x80240014 occurs when users install app or game from it. Mostly, this error surfaces when you try to download apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Windows games, and similar others. It can randomly appear during the installation of any app from Windows Store.

Main reason behind this problem is the issue with Windows Store itself, which you can easily fix by following the instructions in the step-by-step guide below.

Basically when you install an app from Windows Store, it appears to be installed onto your device like normal, but Windows Store struggle to locate the installation file/directory of the installed app on your Windows 10 device and returns the error 0x80240014 on the screen.

How To Fix 0x80240014 Error on Windows Store

Although the app gets installed on your device but you won’t be able to access it from Windows Store. In such a case, to fix this Windows Store error 0x80240014, what you can do is to access that app manually from the application folder. Here’s how to do it:

1 – Press Windows Key + R keyboard shortcut to open Run dialogue box.

2 – Type Shell:AppsFolder in the Run box and hit enter key.

3 – This will open Default App folder where that app is installed on your device.

4 – Locate the app you are trying to run and launch it.

5 – Double click on the app in the installation folder, which was not opening in the Windows Store previously.

6 – This will open the app like normal without any error.

7 – All done.

Now go back to Windows Store and find the same app and try to download it, this time it won’t show any error message. If the problem remains, performs the following actions.

Restart PC to Fix Windows Store App Installation Error

Restarting PC should be your first action after every Windows error to see if that fixes the issue. Mostly, a simple restart resolves the problem, which saves you time that would have otherwise been wasted on searching for the solution and apply the method. Once you restart PC, open the app installation folder, and launch the app. This time it should work. Make sure to close all running apps before restarting your PC for maximum effect. Open Windows Store after the restart and get the desired app but this time without any error.

Run Troubleshoot To Fix App Installation Error On Windows Store

If restart doesn’t fix the problem, you can troubleshoot the issue to find the reason behind the issue. Troubleshooting Windows scans your device to find out potential problems with Windows programs & apps and suggested recommended fixes.

Open Cortana or click on Start menu, and type Troubleshooting and hit enter.

Open troubleshoot as an administrator by click on the Advanced option.

Run the Troubleshooter to allow Windows find the problem.

Once done, close troubleshooter and open Windows Store to see if the issue is fixed.

Reset Windows Store To Fix 0x80240014 Error

If nothing else works, it’s time to reset Windows Store. All you have to do is to type in a single command in order to reset Window Store. Here’s how to do it:

Close Windows Store, if its running on your device.

Type wsreset in the search box and hit enter. Or, open the command prompt to execute the wsreset command.

This will reset Windows Store by clearing all preferences already saved on it.

Once done, open Windows Store to see if it fixes 0x80240014 error.

So, these were the tried and tested fixes to get rid of the Windows Store 0x80240014 error to resume installing apps and games. Try these solutions and tell us which one worked for you in the comments below. Start with the first solution as it’s being reported to have worked best to fix error 0x80240014 when installing apps from Windows Store.

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