Fix Camera Not Working Issue in Windows 10 – Here’s How To

Here’s a guide on how to fix camera not working in Windows 10 issue on both desktop PC or laptop. Windows 10 is the most complete operating system from Microsoft. In its latest PC and mobile OS, the Windows 10, Microsoft infused all the best features of its previous operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, XP together with massive array of brand new Windows exclusive feature to help users get the best out of their Windows powered machine for productivity, gaming, work or personal usage.

All great new features that you only get in Windows 10 makes it worth the upgrade from older Windows OS. However, sometimes, if you upgrade on a PC or laptop with hardware of lower quality or on incompatible PC, certain problem are likely to surface, one of which many users have been complaining about involves camera on their PC stopping to function normally after Windows 10 upgrade. In this post, we are going to share a solution after which you won’t face any issues with your PC Windows 10 camera on either desktop or laptop. If you have been facing camera not working in Windows 10 problem, then you might want to keep on reading this guide to learn the method of fixing camera issue on PC Windows 10 on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


Windows 10 Camera Error

If you get the Something went wrong error message with the error code 0xA00F424A(0x80070491), its an indication that something is not right with the camera on your Windows 10 PC, and the problem needs immediate attention. In the new Windows 10, Microsoft has made some changes to the camera settings compared to the ones in older Windows OS version. For fixing the camera issue in Windows 10, you may need to reconsider which apps you want to give camera access to on your device, as well as make some changes to the Windows 10 camera settings. See the solutions below for it.

Steps To Fix Camera Not Working Issue in Windows 10:

Here are some steps that you need to perform on your Windows 10 powered device in order to fix camera problem in Windows 10.

1 – Open Start Menu

2 – Head to Settings

3 – Click the Privacy settings option

4 – Now, click the Webcam on the left-pane of the Settings window

5 – Turn the ‘Let the app use my camera’ option ON, if its OFF

6 – All done

This solution works in most of the cases to fix the camera issue on Windows 10 PC. If you still get the camera error in Windows 10, you can try rolling back camera drivers on PC Windows 10 to see if that works. See the steps below for it.

Roll Back Camera Drivers In Windows 10 To Fix Camera Issue

1 – Right-click on the Windows icon on the taskbar

2 – Select the Device Manager from the list


3 – On the Device Manager window, you’ll all hardware devices working with your PC. Select the Images Devices option on the list and expand it by click on the > icon. On some PCs, Images Devices option in Device Manager is located under the ‘Sound Video and game Controllers’ option


4 – Right-click on the camera option and Select the Properties on the drop-down menu

5 – In the Properties window, click on the General tab and not down the device name, manufacturer and the location, as you’ll need them for rolling back camera drivers.

Note: When you roll back drivers, Windows installs generic and not the latest camera drivers. Generic cameras come with limited functionality. In such cases, you will need the driver name, manufacturer name to search for the latest version of the camera drivers for your device.

6 – Now, in the drivers properties box, click on the Drivers tab

7 – Next, click the Roll back driver… button and click Yes to confirm your selection.

8 – When the Windows is finished rolling back the camera drivers on your device, it will prompt you to restart Windows. Click Yes to restart PC to finalize changes, if you don’t get the restart prompt, restart Windows manually because its important for changes to take effect.

All done. When the PC restarts, check the camera again to see if its back to normal. But the generic camera version has limited functions. To get latest camera version with new features enabled, visit the camera manufacturers webpage, enter your device camera and manufacturers name and find the latest version for your device. Download and install camera drivers and restart Windows.

This should bring the camera in Windows 10 to a perfect condition so your can use to it live chat, video recording or other purposes. Send in your comments below if the problem persists on your device even after applying the above mentioned solutions.

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