Fix Windows 10 Pro Selection Issue During Clean Installation

Here’s a guide on how to fix Windows 10 Pro selection issue during clean installation process on desktop PC, laptop or tablet. Many Windows 10 users have come forward with a surprisingly weird problem they have been facing while installing Windows 10 builds. On some devices Windows 10 clean install is throwing a new problem that involves selecting the Windows 10 Pro editing during the installation process. A clean install method is highly recommended when no other solution works to fix serious bugs, errors, and issues on Windows 10 devices. However, some users are reporting issues during a clean install process on Windows.

how to selection windows 10 pro during clean installation on windows 10 home pc

In this guide, we are going to show you how to fix Windows 10 Pro selection issue during a clean installation of Windows 10. Although you can try this method on any Windows 10 Build, but its specifically related to Windows 10 (64-bit) running on Anniversary update (1607) but you can use it on other Windows 10 versions as well. Moreover, the solution below also works to fix error 0xc004f014 could not reach activation servers on Windows 10 devices.

Why Unable To Select Windows Pro Happens:

Windows 10 installation process and setup automatically install Windows 10 Home edition showing any option to select Windows 10 Pro edition. The reason behind this issue is the default setting of Windows 10 that makes it automatically detect the older Windows edition and installed it for new operating system as well. So if your device was running on Windows 7/8/8.1 Home, it will be automatically updated to Windows 10 Home without showing you an option to select Windows 10 Pro during the installation process.

How To Fix Unable To Select Windows 10 Pro During Clean Installation Process:

Only way you can get the Windows to show the Windows Pro edition option on your device is to force it to show Windows 10 Pro selection during the clean installation process. After which you will be able to see Windows 10 Pro selection option every time to clean install Windows 10.

Before moving ahead, its important to note that those users who have the Windows 10 Home product key, or had been using Windows 10 Home installed earlier on the same device on which you try to force Windows 10 Pro installation, you won’t be able to activate Windows 10 Pro Edition in that case.

Process of force activate Windows 10 Pro selection involves creating a ei.cfg file and move it to Windows 10 setup file with ISO image saved on it. This ei.cfg file enables Windows 10 clean install process to give users an option to select Windows 10 Home or Pro edition during the installation process.

1 – Extract ISO File

First of all, use any file extracting tool to extract the Windows 10 ISO file for setup.

2 – Make ei.cfg File

Now, to create ei.cfg file, open notepad and copy & paste the following command on it. This command allows users to select the Windows 10 edition (Home or Pro) during the Windows 10 Setup process.



For directly installing Windows 10 Pro without seeing any option during the Windows 10 Setup process, enter the following command instead on the notepad:





Now name this notepad file ei.cfg and save it. Don’t save the file as a text file.

3 – Copy ei.cfg To Windows 10 ISO Setup File

After extracting the Windows 10 ISO setup file and creating the ei.cfg file, its time to move it ei.cfg file to the Windows 10 setup ISO file. For that, copy ei.cfg file to the Source folder of Windows 10 setup folder which you will see after extracting the ISO file.

All done. You can now burn this Windows 10 ISO setup file to a DVD or create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Drive. After that you can install the Windows 10 Pro Edition on your device.

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