Fix Wireless Connection Not Working on Acer Devices – [Tutorial]

Here’s how you can fix wireless connection / networking not working on Acer device. Owners of Acer PC desktop or laptop frequently flock the internet forums to look for ways to fix Acer wireless networking not working error on laptop or desktop PC, and here we have brought some simple solutions that anyone can follow and implement without any expert assistant to successfully address problems with Wireless connection on Acer device.


Reasons Behind Acer Wireless Error

If you have been experiencing issues with your Acer laptop’s wireless connection, mostly three errors could be behind such issues: problems with laptop settings, Acer Wireless drivers could be missing or corrupt, or wireless connection is faulty. Here we are going to explain solutions for fixing each of these three errors on Acer laptop.

First of all check whether your wireless network connection is working properly or not. Try to connection some other device with your wireless network to see if the internet works on that one. To fix wireless connectivity issue, you will need to connect your device to internet device using a wired connection.

If it does, it means problem is not with the wireless connection but your Acer laptop or any other Acer device network drivers. To fix them, see the next two solution methods.

Fix Acer Laptop Settings Problem

It could be the wireless button on your Acer device has been unintentionally turned off, check the wireless network button on your device and turn it ON if its OFF. Many Acer users don’t know that there is a Wireless network button.

How to enable Wireless Networking on an Acer Device

You can enable or disable wireless networking on some Acer models using a keyboard key combination, while on other models, there is a wireless switch on the front or side of the laptop. Here’s a list of Acer models and how to enable or disable wireless connection on them:

  • A toggle slider button on the front or side of the laptop
  • Press The fn (function) with the wireless icon for your Acer device as shown below. Acer models usually have one of the following wireless network icons:


  • A wireless button above the Acer laptop keyboard

General Wireless on/off toggle to enable or disable connection on various Acer laptop models works with fn + F5

Acer Aspire 3005 > Wireless network button on the lower right-hand of laptop

Acer Aspire 2000 Series > Wireless button on the front of laptop

Acer Aspire 94xx > Wireless button below the Lock key

Acer Aspire 1000 / 1640Z / 1690 / 2012 > Wireless toggle is above is keyboard

Acer Aspire 5612 > Wireless button on the side of the laptop

Acer Aspire One > Wireless slider on the laptop front (neat the latch to open laptop). Illuminating LED light means button is ON, if not, slide the button towards the antenna icon

Ferrari 3000 / 3020 / 3400 / 4000 > Wireless Button on the laptop front

Acer Aspire 9302 > Blue Wireless button on the left-side of the laptop

Extensa 2000 / 2500 Series > Wireless button above the keyboard

If the above solution worked to solve the wireless network issue on your Acer laptop, then all well and good. Otherwise see the following method.

Fix Corrupt / Outdated or Missing Wireless Drivers on Acer

What if even after making sure the wireless connection is properly working, or the wireless networking is enabled on your laptop but the problem remains, it may be because your Acer laptop is having issues with Acer wireless drivers. It is important that you keep the wireless network drivers on your laptop up-to-date. If the Acer wireless network drivers are damaged, out-of-date or corrupt, there is no way you can get wireless connection to work on Acer laptop.

In order to update Acer wireless drivers, you can ether search for the drivers on the internet to download and install them manually. Or You can use a Driver update tool to automatically update the drivers on Acer laptop. The driver update tool ensures that the drivers on your device remain updated and functional at all times. You will need stable internet connection for either manually or automatically updating drivers on Acer.

Visita official Acer website to find the wireless network drivers for your Acer device model, and download & install them manually.

Or you can download Acer driver update tool for automatically updating drivers on your device. A drivers update tool scans you Acer laptop to find the missing drivers. Then, it automatically locates, downloads and installs drivers on your Acer PC. This is a quick way of ensuring the drivers on your Acer machines are updated.

We hope that above solutions worked for your Acer device. Do get in touch via comments section below to share any issue that may be facing related to Acer wireless connection on your device.

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