Flippy Wheels for PC Windows 10

The smartphone users are lucky to have such a huge gameplay choice for their phones while the Desktop or PC users are not that lucky. So we have decided to bring on all the top games which you love and addicted to, right in for your PC running Windows. Flippy Wheels is also among that game and we have the Flippy Wheels for PC Windows 10 for you. Or you can download and install Flippy Wheels for PC on any other version of Windows 8.1/8/7/Xp or even Mac OS.

Flippy Wheels for PC is the exact same version of the game that you might have experienced on the iOS devices with the name of Happy Wheels. This Flippy Wheels comes for the Android devices and is made available for the users to download and install it on your smartphones. You can have it on your PC too. All you have to do is follow the instructions given in this guide below. But before that here are some of the most important features of this Flippy Wheels for PC .

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Main Features of Flippy Wheels for PC Windows 10:

Flippy Wheels is a rag-doll physics adventure game in which you can jump off buildings, smash glass & avoid explosives and arrow guns.

Try to beat the infinite amount of user-generated levels as quickly as possible, keeping as many limbs as possible.
Ridiculous rag-doll physics will keep you flipping through crazy levels on your vehicle of choice.

Users can create their own levels using the level editor and share them on the level browser for other users to play!
Watch your level climb to the top of the charts, as other players play and rate it.

Flippy Wheels contains cartoon violence/blood.

Flippy Wheels is not associated with Totaljerkface (Creators of ‘Happy Wheels’)

How to download and install Flippy Wheels running Window 10, 8, 7, XP & Mac:

The guide for downloading and installing the Flippy Wheels for PC is specifically written for the Windows PC but you can apply the same guide for the Mac OS X as well.

Step 1: First of all you should have the legitimate version of BlueStacks Installed on your PC. If Not, then download it from the links given below. We recommend the BlueStacks Offline Installer for Windows 10 or Windows 8/7/XP. All the downloading and installation directions are given in the links below.

BlueStacks | BlueStacks for Windows 10

Step 2: Once you downloaded the BlueStacks Android Emulator, You can now download the Flippy Wheels Apk file either from the Google Play Store inside BlueStacks or simply Download the Apk file from the links given below.

Flippy Wheels Apk from Google Play Store or from here Flippy Wheels Apk

Step 3: Or if you are logged in with the Google Play Store ID and you want to download the App via BlueStacks go to the search box on the top left corner of your BlueStacks app. Click on it and type the Games name i.e “Flippy Wheels” Once done you will see the app below as seen in the picture. Just click it and it will start downloading.

Step 4: Once the App is downloaded, you can simply click on the downloaded app and it opens up.

Step 5: That’s it Enjoy the app on your PC running Windows 10.

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