How to Change OneDrive Folder Location in PC Windows 10

OneDrive is the online storage service from Microsoft and comes integrated with all latest software offerings of the company. OneDrive cloud storage is heaped together with Windows 10, Office 2016 for PCs and online Office 365 packages and is considered one of the best cloud storage providers around. All your files and folders are automatically synced with OneDrive services and saved on online storage servers for you to access them anytime & anywhere, hence, liberating users from the need of first saving files on physical storage devices and carry them along all the time.

Default OneDrive folder location on PC Windows 10 is the primary system drive, which in most cases is the C: drive. One downside of this pre-installed OneDrive folder location is that files saved in OneDrive folders use up hard disk space on C: Drive. This makes things tricky if you are heavy OneDrive user and save a lot of your personal and business stuff on OneDrive which gradually eats up hard disk space. In such cases, it useful to change OneDrive folder location to another system drive or external storage device having ample space for saving more files in future.

How to Change Onedrive Folder Location on Windows 10:

In this guide you will be shown the method of changing OneDrive folder location to a drive or external storage that contains enough space for future OneDrive files saving. But we recommend that you only go through with it in case of absolute necessity. Follow the instructions below for it.

1 – Move the cursor to system tray and click OneDrive icon.


2 – Select settings option from the context menu. A new OneDrive settings window will open, now click on Unlink OneDrive option and hit OK button.


3 –  A new OneDrive Get Started window will appear on the screen. Don’t click on anything, leave the window open and move on to the next step.


4 – Open File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon on Windows 10 task bar.

5 – Go the the location This PC > C: > Users > User or your user created folder > OneDrive.

6 – Select OneDrive from the list and click Home tab on the top left corner of the window.

7 – Click Move to from the set of options and choose location where you want to move OneDrive folder for file saving from here on.


8 – Return to ‘Get Started’ screen from step-3. Sign in to OneDrive with your Microsoft live or hotmail account.

9 – During setup you will be asked to set the location where you want OneDrive folder to be located. Choose the one you just selected in step-7.

10 – All done. OneDrive folder will be moved to the new location containing enough space for saving files in future.

After the setup, you will have to reset Windows user permissions to the ones you used with the previous OneDrive folder location for preventing unauthorized access to your OneDrive files. Also choose what sort of files you want to be automatically synced with OneDrive.

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