How to Check GPU Type (Integrated or Discrete) Installed on PC Windows 10

You can easily find out whether a discrete or dedicated graphics processor unit is installed on your Windows 10 PC. Here is a quick way to see the GPU type that is running on your computer.

how to tell dedicated or discrete graphics on windows 10 pc

In PC world, there are two types of graphics processor units that handle main graphics on a computer. Mostly, a Windows 10 PC has either the dedicated or discrete GPU. A GPU is a processor separate from the main system’s processor (CPU). It’s a dedicated chip that’s slotted on the motherboard or in the form of an add-in-card, which relies on its own memory (VRAM) instead of the system’s memory (RAM) for processing videos.

And then, there is the integrated GPU, whose name is derived because its integrated inside the main system’s processor, such as Intel HD Graphics or AMD APU. Or the graphics can also be part of the main motherboard chipset, in either case, usually, an integrated GPU uses portion of the system’s memory.

If you are into PC gaming or watching 4K or other HD videos, knowing what type of GPU is installed on your computer tell you what sort of graphics processing jobs it can handle. This also determines how well the GPU will be able to run apps or games on your desktop or laptop. Dedicated graphics cards are more powerful that run apps and games faster without slowing down your system, and if you know which type of GPU is there on your device, it can make it easier for you to decided whether you need to upgrade it for better performance.

Follow the steps below to learn how you can check whether you computer is using an integrated or discrete graphics processor on Windows 10 without needing a third-party software.

How to Check GPU (Graphics Adapter) Type using Device Manager on Windows 10 PC

1 – Go to Start.

2 – Search Device Manager and click on it. Or right-click on Start button and select Device Manager.

3 – Expand the Display adapters option from the list.

check gpy type on windows 10 pc

4 – If you see more than one adapters, your computer has a discrete GPU, which is good for running heavy graphics apps, games and video rendering. On an Intel-based system, the ‘Intel HD graphics’ is integrated chip, and the second adapter is the dedicated graphics processor. And if there is only one graphics card showing, your computer is using an integrated graphics processor.

5 – All done.

On devices that use AMD based GPU and system, it gets slightly tougher to tell whether the GPU is integrated or discrete because of all the different AMD product types on offer. To make it easier for you to find the accurate information about your device, AMD’s graphics cards website provides all the details you need to know about the AMD-based system and AMD graphics card/cards installed on your device. You can use the above guide on Windows 10 as well as on Windows 7, Windows 8.1/8 and older versions.


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