How To Configure Sound and Microphone Settings on Windows 10

Latest Windows 10 update brings a dedicated settings page for managing and controlling sound and microphone settings on PC and laptop from one place. You can use new Settings for sound and microphone to configure them to your desired level. See how to perform this task from the guide below.

manage sound settings from settings on windows 10

Until now, on Windows 10, users had to go all the way into the Control Panel to adjust sound and volume settings on their computers. That has changed with the improvement settings menu for sounds in Windows 10.

This new change is available starting from Windows 10 version 1803. It brings the sound configuration options to the Settings app. You can still use advanced configuration options in the Control Panel, however, slowly but surely Microsoft is going to move all sound and volume related settings over to the new Settings page for easy management and quick access.

In the following steps, you will learn the new method to adjust volume, select input and output devices, and troubleshoot microphone or sound issues using the Sound Settings on Windows 10.

How To Control And Manage Sound from Windows 10 Settings

1 – Open Settings.

2 – Click on System.

3 – Click on Sound.

4 – In the Sound Page, settings are divided into two sections. In the first section, you will see Sound options where you can adjust settings for a primary speaker, a slider to adjust the system-wide volume, and a Troubleshoot button that can help you to quickly fix any audio related issue. There is “Device properties” link from where you can access speaker properties and change settings for sound enhancements, sound format, spatial sound, and more.

In the second section for Microphone, there are dedicated settings with an option to select your primary microphone if you have multiple devices connected. There is also an audio from where you can tell whether your microphone is working, and you can access the microphone troubleshooter to fix common issues.

Windows 10 also has Device properties link for you to access the speaker properties. If you don’t see the Sound page in the Settings app, it is because your device is not running Windows 10 v1803 (Redstone 4). This feature is available starting Windows 10 build 17035 or later version.


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