How to Disable App Notifications on Windows 10

In the new Windows 10 operating system Microsoft introduced plenty of fresh changes unseen in previous Windows versions, one such is the Action Center that displays latest notifications regarding news, apps and other stuff as it happens on your PC. Windows 10 Action Center can be accessed by clicking banner icon on the bottom right corner of the desktop screen or the very right of the Windows taskbar. There are short cuts to some basic Windows tasks settings on Action Center notification screen, new app notifications on Windows 10 appear on top of these settings boxes. These incessant app notification can get distracting and annoying but fortunately there are ways you can turn off app notifications on Windows 10 for some or all apps temporarily or permanently as is shown below how to disable app notifications in this post.

Windows 10 has a new Windows Store that contains all applications that you can download on PC/laptops. Apps in Windows Store are constantly increasing due to the rising popularity of the new OS from Microsoft. When you download apps from Windows Store, notification options is automatically enabled to keep you updated with all latest changes happening in that app.

If your PC Windows 10 has plenty of Windows Store app installed on it then getting incessant notifications can get irritating especially when you are in the middle of some project or working on presentation or any other important stuff that requires undivided attention. Some Windows apps push product related information through notifications, other bombard you with breaking news notifications, social networking apps push notifications regarding everything happening in your social circle that can get overbearing at times and getting rid of all these takes times unless you get rid of notifications all together on Windows 10.

There are some ways that allow you can disable app notifications; you can disable notification during presentations, turn off notification for specific or all apps from settings menu on Windows 10.

How to Disable App Notifications for Apps on Windows 10:

For disabling application notifications for all apps on Windows 10 you will need to go to Windows Settings menu and turn is off from there. Here’s how:

  • Click the start button on taskbar indicated by Windows logo and select settings.
  • In settings windows, click system and select notifications & actions from the right pane on system settings window.
  • After selecting Notifications & actions you will see a list of options on the left window pane.
  • Turn off app notifications for all apps by switching the button under the option show app notification to off.


This will disable all app notifications from Windows 10 from hereon, just turn ‘show app notifications’ option to on if you want to receive notifications again.

How to Turn Off Notifications on Windows 10 During Presentation:

If you don’t want to be distracted during presentation then you can hide notifications on Windows 10 beforehand to stop pop-ups from bothering you and audience. This one is simple just like in the previous step go to Start > Settings > System > Notifications & actions and turn the on/off button under hide notifications while presenting to off.

How to Disable Notifications from Windows 10 Action Center:

This option is the easiest and quickest way of disabling app notifications related to specific apps to appear on your PC. Here how you can do it:

  • Open Windows 10 Action Center by clicking the banner icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Now right-click on the app notification that you don’t want to be notified about in future and select turn off notifications for this app option from drop-down menu.

And it is as simple as that to disable notifications from actions center. But this will only turn off notifications for that particular app, for getting rid of notifications for all apps use the first method explained above.

You can also disable notification for specific apps by opening start > settings > notifications and actions and under show notification from these apps option on the right pane of settings window scroll down and toggle the notification button next to that app to OFF.

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