How To Disable Automatic Drivers Installation On Windows 10.

Windows 10 is a feature packed operating system and it keeps getting better with every new update. Unlike in previous Windows OS version where it was not an easy task to prevent automatic drivers installation, Windows 10 offers multiple ways using which you can stop automatic drivers installation on Windows 10. In this guide, we are going to walk you through three simple method of disabling automatic drivers update/installation on Windows 10 PC desktop or laptop. In Windows 10, by-default drivers get installed automatically, unless to manually disable automatic drivers update in Windows 10, which is what we are going to do in this post. Windows 10 allows users to stop automatic drivers installation using Control Panel, Group Policy Editor and Window Registry Editor. In the guide below, we have shared step-by-step instructions for each method of disabling Windows 10 drivers update.


Automatic drivers installation often causes issues such as drivers stopped working properly or similar other problems, especially on devices with older hardware since they are not updated enough to handle new drivers. Windows 10 has been designed to automatically detect and install new drivers for hardware on your PC. But to prevent issues caused by automatic drivers installation, and to keep using the current drivers that are working properly, you can choose to disable Windows 10 drivers update feature.

If you don’t want Windows 10 to update drivers that may be incompatible with your device, you can manually disable Windows 10 automatic drivers installation using Control Panel, Group Policy Editor, or Registry Editor as is shown in the guide below. Sometimes you may want to keep on using the existing drivers that are already working find on your PC. In any such case, you are going to learn best ways to stop Windows 10 automatic driver update.

How To Disable Windows 10 Automatic Driver Installation Feature From Control Panel:

1 – Press Windows Key + X on keyboard to open the Power User menu.

2 – Select System option.

3 – Click on Advanced system Settings on the left pane.

4 – In System Properties, click the Hardware tab.

5 – Now, click the Device Installation Settings button.

6 – Select No (your device might not work as expected).

7 – Click Save Changes button.

8 – Hit OK button once done.

This is the safest and recommended method of stopping automatic drivers installation on Windows 10 devices. Windows 10 will not install drivers automatically from now onward. You can manually update Windows 10 drivers from hereon. For upgrading drivers, you can visit manufacturer website for manually downloading and installing updated drivers.

How To Disable Automatic Driver Installation From The Registry:

There’s another way of disabling automatic drivers installation on Windows 10 from the Windows Registry. This method involves tweaking system registries, so proceed only if you’re confident with the process as the incorrect modification of system files could cause damage. This method is best for Windows 10 Home edition, although, you can try it on other versions as well. Also, backup Windows before starting to restore OS in case of any issues during the process.

1 – Press the Windows Key + R to open RUN dialogue box.

2 – Type regedit and hit OK.

3 – Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Drive\rSearching

4 – Double-click the SearchOrderConfig DWORD key and change its value from to 0.

5 – Hit OK button and exit the Registry window.

6 – Restart PC to complete the process.

When you set ‘SearchOrderConfig’ to 0, it stops drivers from getting updated automatically in Windows 10. If you want to re-enable automatic drivers update, simple follow the first four steps but in the step 4 change the DWORD key value from 0 to 1.

How To Stop Automatic Drivers Update In Windows 10 Using Group Policy Editor:

If you’re using Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro, Education version, you can disable automatic drivers update from Group Policy Editor.

1 – Press Windows key + R on keyboard to open RUN dialogue box.

2 – Type gpedit and hit enter or press OK button to open the Local Group Policy Editor.

3 – Head over to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update

4 – Double-click the Do not include driver with Windows update and check the enable option.

5 – Hit Apply and then OK to complete.

6 – All done.

After this Windows 10 will no longer install drivers automatically giving you full control over driver management and update on Windows.

You can use the steps above to stop/start automatic drivers installation on Windows 10 as well as 8.1 & Windows 7. For questions, send comments below.

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