How to Dual-Boot OS X and Windows 10 on Mac

Windows PC and Mac is one of the oldest rivalries of the tech industry. Both platforms have carved out a dedicated follower base for their respective operating systems over the years. But it does not mean that you can’t use both operating systems on one PC. In this post we will show you how to use Windows 10 & OS X on one Mac PC/laptop with Dual-Boot option, so that you can experience the best of both worlds on one computer. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest OS for computers/tablets/laptops and is being praised as the best Windows OS version to date, which Mac users would surely want to use as well. With boot camp feature on Mac PC/laptops you can install Windows 10 and use both Mac OS X and Windows from one PC by hopping between both operating systems in just a few clicks.


Before moving on to the installation guide, first, make sure that your Mac computer fulfills prerequisite conditions for successful dual-boot Windows & OS X.

  • Minimum 30 GB hard disk space
  • Original Windows 10 licensed copy
  • See the list here to check whether your Mac PC is compatible for dual-boot to run Windows 10 on it
  • USB Flash drive with with 4GB or more space
  • Download Windows 10 ISO disk image here and see ISO image creation guide here

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac PC/latpops:

Follow step-by-step guide below for creating bootable USB flash drive with Mac Boot Camp Assistant to install and run Windows 10 along with OS X on one computer.

1 – Download Windows 10 ISO disk image from Microsoft’s website by using the link provided above.

2 – Select Windows 10 64-bit version for creating ISO image. Download and save ISO image file in Documents folder instead of usual ‘Download folder’ to avoid error filled installation.

3 – Go to Utility Folder or press CMD + Space keys to find and open Boot Camp Assistant on Mac.

4 – At Boot Camp Assistant Start Screen click continue button.

5 – Tick the check box next to options saying create Windows 7 or later version install disk and Install Windows 7 or later Version and hit the continue button.

6 – On Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation screen click the ISO Image option and select USB drive by browsing its location. To avoid data overwrite use empty USB drive or backup USB content before saving ISO Image file on it.

7 – Now hit continue button on the next two screens which will start USB formatting process.

8 – After that on create a partition for Windows screen select the partition size for Windows 10 on Mac. It’s safe to allocate at least 35 GB space for Windows installation file or click divide equally button to equally divide hard disk space between Windows 10 & OS X and click the install button.

9 – Follow on-screen instructions and wait for Windows installation to complete. Mac will restart after the installation.

10 – All done. Now you can boot Windows 10 on Mac computers.

You can set default OS which will automatically load when you start Mac by going to settings > Startup Disk Preference and select which OS version to want to set as default OS on Mac. Or if you want to jump from OS X to Windows 10 and vice versa each time Mac starts/restarts then press Option (Alt) key when Mac Starts. Now enjoy two best PC operating systems on Mac desktops/laptops.

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