How to Find Windows Store Apps Update Information

With the launch of Windows 10 main focus of Microsoft’s strategy has been geared towards aligning all software offerings at a centralized point i.e. to connect Windows OS on various Microsoft devices to provide a uniform user experience in terms of apps and programs features and graphics quality. Windows Store is the place where all Microsoft Windows platform apps can be downloaded and is ever expanding in terms of app count. Whether you use Windows Phone, tablet or PC version, all apps can be downloaded from one Windows Store, there are no separate app versions for every device type. Mostly things work quite satisfactorily with Windows Store barring a few shortcoming that one expects to be addressed by Microsoft sooner rather than later, but for now one such shortcoming involves glaring absence of app version and update history information on Windows Store for PC Windows 10Windows Store apps don’t clearly mention when was the last time app was updated by developers; constant updates, though annoying they can be sometimes, still confirm the fact that developers are serious in making the app better and providing better user experience. Making app update information available specially for those who have paid for them give them a better idea about developer’s intent regarding app improvements in future.

However, this little issue can be sorted out with an easy web-based tool known as WP Snitch. This tool not only presents all the important information about Windows Store apps in a clear manner but also enables you to download XAP file of the app for downloading it on PC Windows even when offline. XAP file for Windows Apps is similar to Apk files for Android apps and EXE files for PC desktop app.

It works really simple, go to, copy Windows Store URL of the app whose XAP file you want to download or want to see latest update information, and paste the app URL in the text bar, next click submit. Now you will see on the browser screen a list showing latest app information along with XAP file download link.

So, visit WP Snitch and use it for free to find Windows Store app update information and XAP file for installing apps even when offline.

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