How To Fix Bad_Module_Info Error On PC Windows 10

In the following tutorial, you’ll learn how to fix Bad_Module_Info error on Windows 10 desktop, laptop, Surface Pro and tablets. Bad_Module_Info error is one of the more frequently reported errors by Windows 10 users. This error might show up when users try to run certain Steam games. This problem started being reported with alarming frequency particularly after the Fall Creators Update release in 2017. The error crashes the app unexpectedly when it’s running or when you try to launch it. This error manly affects games, especially some high profile titles such as Playerunknown’s Battleground. So here’s how to fix the Bad_Module_Info error on Windows 10.


Fix Bad_Module_Info Error

Run The App In Compatibility Mode

Select the affected app, right-click the EXE file or app shortcut that is crashing, and select Properties from the context menu. Click on the Compatibility tab, and enable ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ option box. You can try to run the affected app in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 to see if it works on them.

If running the problematic app in compatibility mode doesn’t address the issue, you can follow our next solution by disabling with fullscreen optimization, and then try to run it in compatibility mode.

Disable Full Screen Optimization

Windows 10 comes with the fullscreen optimization feature. This unfortunately could also be one of the main causes behind this error. Previously, it was possible to simply disable this option using a toggle-switch. But not anymore since the release of the Fall Creators Update, which has changed the method to disable fullscreen optimization. So to fix the Bad_Module_Info error, you need to disable fullscreen optimization for the app that’s experiencing issues.

For that, right-click the EXE file or shortcut icon of the app. Select ‘Properties’ from the context menu. Head over to the Compatibility tab and check the ‘Disable fullscreen optimization’ option box. Next, click Apple, and just to be sure, restart your device. The Bad_Module_Info error should be history now.


Update GPU & Drivers

If none of the above solutions work, the problem could be with the GPU itself. Especially, on devices with Nvidia GPU (see this guide on how to fix Nvidia driver), even disabling fullscreen optimization might not get the done done. So first of all, ensure that your GPU drivers are up-to-date, if not, update drivers right away.

To do so, open Device Manager, right-click your GPU, and select ‘Update Driver’ option. Although latest Windows updates automatically install the latest version of drivers installed on your device (see how to stop automatic driver update), it’s always better to manually check driver status to fix driver issues on Windows 10.

Like mentioned above, the Bad_Module_Info error is common on devices running the Fall Creators Update, so here’s how you can stop Windows 10 Fall Creators Update from installing on your  computer.

Users with AMD Drivers and fix the issue by updating to the latest version. To do so, download Latest AMD Drivers for Windows 10. If updating to the latest version is the root cause of the issue, here is a bit technical solution, but we have tried our best to explain it in simple terms for everyone to easily follow the method of creating and restoring drivers using command-line tool on Windows 10. You can always visit official AMD and Nvidia websites for latest driver updates.

Check Hardware

As a solution of last resort, you might want to check your device’s hardware. In particular, ensure that the GPU is working properly. If it’s out of order, only solution is to replace it with a working GPU. Note that the frequent appearance of the Bad_Module_Info error means that your GPU is probably damaged and requires servicing.

Although, most users have reported that one of the above mentioned solution did fix the Bad_Module_Info error on their system, however, in some cases, a simple uninstall and reinstall the app, game or program fixed the error. We suggest that you try that solution only after trying all the other possible fixes.


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