How to fix Rise Of Nations Screen Flickering issue on Windows 10.

Rise of Nations has been undoubtedly one of the best strategy simulation game that I have played on PC after the famous Age of Empires. The game have been developed by the team of SkyBox Laps and later published by the developers at Microsoft.

Just to revive my old gaming memories i brought out the official DVD of the Rise of Nations and tried to install it on my latest Windows 10 loaded laptop. The installation went smooth and ends up in 5-6 minutes but the main issue starts when i tried to play the game. The screen starts flickering and the whole Rise of Nations starts showing rise of mess on my Laptop.


I quickly jumped out of the game and tried to visit all my 3D card drivers and apps that installed to boost the games. Everything was fine until I came to this wonderful guide and get the recommended settings of the Rise Of Nations and fixed screen flickering issue on Windows 10.

How to Fix Rise Of Nations Screen issue on Windows 10:

All you have to do is follow the following steps to get rid of this in game issue.

  1. Open the file "C:\­Users\­<UserName>\­AppData\­Roaming\­Microsoft Games\­Rise of Nations\­rise2.ini"in Notepad or another text editor. Replace <UserName> with your Windows user name.
  2. Change the line VSync=1 to VSync=0. This eliminates the screen flickering.
  3. Change the line ForceGDICursor=0 to ForceGDICursor=1. This eliminates the invisible or immobile mouse cursor produced by other cursor settings.
  4. Optional: Change the line ForceAGPVBs=0 to ForceAGPVBs=1. I didn’t test this myself but two commenters said it eliminated screen flickering and visual corruption with integrated graphics. You may also need to set ForceStaticCursor=1. (Thanks Daniel & James Wyper!)
  5. Since you’re probably using a high-resolution monitor, change AllowAllResolutions=0 toAllowAllResolutions=1 and change Windowed Width and Windowed Height to your monitor’s resolution. These two settings apply to full-screen mode despite the “Windowed” moniker.
  6. That’s it for the file rise2.ini, so you can save and close it now.
  7. The desktop shortcut created by my version’s installer was set to Windows XP (SP3) compatibility mode, but I found that unnecessary. Disable that option if it’s enabled, and save yourself the UAC prompt on every start-up.


Beside this you can download the latest updated patch of the game from the link given below.

Rise OF Nations: Patch ( 06-05-2015)


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  1. Graphics driver is a cause leading to the flickering screen in Windows 10. I also had this problem after anniversary update. I checked the graphics driver in Device Manager and there was a yellow exclamation on it. Then I repaired it with OSToto Driver Talent and reboot. The flashing screen was gone.

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