How to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update Errors and Problems

Windows 10 Anniversary Update installation stuck on your PC? Here’s your complete guide about how to fix Windows 10 anniversary update errors and problems. Microsoft has officially released Windows 10 update to mark the first anniversary of its latest PC and mobile operating system and it’s packed with biggest set of new features and changes in any Windows 10 update up until now. Over 350 million Windows 10 devices around the world will get this free update over the coming days in phases.


This anniversary update is for all Windows 10 desktop PCs, laptops, phones and tablets, if you haven’t received update notification yet then wait for a few days because to easy pressure on servers Microsoft is rolling out the update in phases. Windows 10 Anniversary update is the most stable and feature packed update but some users might face installation problems, errors or bugs during the download and installation process.

There could be several reasons behind Windows 10 update errors and problems. It is not always the operating system’s fault that the update gets stuck or screen gets frozen during the installation, sometimes factors such as hardware incompatibility, outdated drivers, wrong settings or configuration problems could affect proper update installation.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Errors, Problems and Fixes

You can download and install Windows 10 anniversary update using Microsoft’s official Windows Media Creation tool. If you run into problems while installing the update, here we have a complete guide for you to fix Windows 10 update errors.

We have provided fixes for several errors that you might encounter while updating PC to Windows 10 Anniversary update. See solutions to fix each one of them one by one.

How to Fix Unexpected Restart Problem during Update Installation

Error: This error 0x80200056 could occur when the upgrade process is interrupted by your Windows 10 device restarting unexpectedly in the middle of the upgrade or you are automatically signed out of the your Microsoft account during the update.

Fix: This problem is relatively easy to tackle. Switch on the device and keep it fully charged in case of tablet, laptop or phone and connect it to a power source. Also, do not restart the device or sign out of your Microsoft account at any stage during the upgrade installation.

How to Fix Black Screen Error during Windows 10 Update Installation

Error: After updating Windows 10 device to new anniversary version, if you see a black screen after singing in with your Microsoft account, it means either you have failed to properly install the update or there is an issue with your Windows drivers.

Fix 1: Disconnect all drivers including external drivers and try reconnecting them one by one.

If this solved black screen error then well and good. Otherwise try unplugging and re-plugging external drivers again. If the problem remain then visit driver manufacturer website to update outdated drivers.

Fix 2: If above method didn’t work to resolve black screen problem then try to tackle it with Safe Mode, see instructions below for it:

  • Reboot PC
  • On the sign in screen, hold Shift key and click Power button and select Restart.
  • After the restart, navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings and hit the restart button.
  • During Restart press on the keyboard to open Safe Mode with networking option.

In the Safe Mode when are signed in with your account, try to reinstall the display adapter driver on PC, here’s how:

  • Press Windows + X keys to open Power user menu and select Device Manager.
  • Open Display Adapter option.
  • Right-click on the adapter and select Uninstall and hit OK.
  • Restart PC.

This should fix black screen problem after upgrading to Windows 10 anniversary update. If the problems persists this could be due to RunOnce processes error. Here’s how to fix it.

  • Press Windows + X keys to open Power user menu and select Task Manager option from the list.
  • Click the Processes tab on Device Manager window.
  • Find the RunOnce.exe or RunOnce32.exe on the processes list. Select it and hit End Task button.
  • Now click the Services tab. Find RunOnce.exe or RunOnce32.exe, right-click on the item and click Stop.
  • Restart the PC.

How to Fix 0x80070057 Windows 10 Anniversary Update Error

See our complete guide to fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update Error 0x080070057.

How to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update Installation Failure Error

Error: If the message “We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer” or “Failure configuring Windows Updates. Reverting changes” shows up on the screen, it means that you are installing the update on older PC. Which could be resolved by turning off the PC, unplugging the power supply, removing the battery for a few minutes and then switch the device back on.

Fix: If that didn’t solve the update error or you see this error even on new PCs then see instructions below:

  • Open Settings window.
  • Go to Update & Security > Windows Update and click Advanced Options.
  • Click View your update history in Advanced options.
  • Click on the update link that didn’t install properly. You will see the update description and the error code, note down the error code and troubleshoot it or contact Microsoft’s official forums to find the fix for that error.

How to Fix Anniversary Update Missing or Damaged Files Error

Error: If you see error 0x80073712 on the screen in the middle of the update installation it means that the files required for the update process are damaged or missing.

Fix: You can repair damaged update installation files with Disk Cleanup utility and then delete ‘Windows Setup Temporary Files’, and then follow instructions below:

  • Launch Settings
  • Go to Update & Security > Windows Update
  • Click Check for updates button and download the update again.

If this didn’t fix the problem then try to install Windows 10 Anniversary update using Media Creation Tool. Or you can use USB flash drive with minimum 8GB free storage for installing upgrades.

How to Fix Not Enough Storage Error During Update Installation

Error: This error could be 0x80070070 – 0x50012, 0x80070070 – 0x50011, 0x80070070 – 0x60000. When you see these errors it means your PC is low on storage space to install the anniversary update.

Fix: With Disk Cleanup utility you can recover lost disk space on computer. Here’s how:

  • Press Windows + R Keys to open the Run command.
  • In the Run command box, type cleanmgr and hit enter. Make sure the C: drive is selected before you press enter.
  • Now click the Clean up system file button and click OK button.
  • Check the files you want deleted. For that, select Temporary Files, Recycle Bin, Previous Windows Installation, Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Windows Installation Files, System Error Memory Dump files. But DO NOT select Windows Setup Temporary Files because they are the ones needed to install new anniversary updates.
  • Hit the OK button.

Now try to install Windows 10 anniversary update again, it should work now.

How to Fix Windows Update Error for Installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Error: Sometimes when you install new Windows updates an error message may pop-up preventing the installation of new updates on PC. There could be various reasons behind it.

Fix: Use Windows Update troubleshooter to reset the update option on PC. Here’s how:

Update troubleshooter will scan to find and fix any update issues after which click the Close button to finish the process.

In order to fix any Network errors, open Troubleshooter again and reset network adapters from Windows Networking Diagnostics option. Now restart the PC to finalize changes and try reinstalling Windows 10 anniversary update again.

How to Fix Some Settings may not Migrate Error during Update Installation

Error: If you PC is running on Windows 10 November update then some settings may not migrate error message may appear during anniversary update installation. This error could automatically reset customization and personalized settings configuration.

Fix: Here is how you can reconfigure previous settings after Windows 10 anniversary update (1607) installation:

  • Go to Settings > Devices > Pen & Windows Ink and change settings back to previous point.
  • Go to Settings > System > Notifications & action > Notifications and reconfigure Notifications settings.
  • Go to Settings > System > Tablet Mode to reconfigure Tablet mode settings back to previous point.
  • Click Task View icon on the Taskbar and select Add New Desktop to create multiple virtual desktops, if you were using the prior to anniversary update.

Official Microsoft Forums are a nice place to find more configuration settings solutions.

How to Fix Cortana Not Available Error after Update Installation

Error: If you see error messaging showing that Cortana has been removed or disabled on PC or Microsoft Edge after Windows 10 anniversary update build 14393.10 installation, there is nothing you can do for now because Microsoft is still working on the fix for it.

Those who have been affected by this error can wait until Microsoft releases some fix.

How to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update Stuck Error

Error: Although using Windows Update feature on PC is the best way to install anniversary update but some users are reporting that they are getting error 0x800705b4 update stuck. Which stops the update download when you press the update button.

Fix: Best way to fix this error is to either install updates using Media Creation Tool or download official Windows 10 Anniversary Update files from Microsoft’s website.

How to Fix Window 10 Freeze Error After Update Installation

Error: Many users on various Windows, Reddit forums are complaining that after installing Windows 10 Anniversary update their PC has become unresponsive. After running for a few minutes, it freezes on the spot which displays “Windows is not Responding” error message. Try to restart PC to see if that fixes the problem or else see instructions below.

Fix: Only way to fix this issue for now, until Microsoft release official solution, is to roll back to the previous version of the Windows 10 OS. Here’s how:

  • Open Settings and go to Update & Security > Recovery and click Get Started button.
  • In ‘Go back to the earlier build’ option, follow on-screen instructions to return to the previous version.

You can try System Maintenance troubleshooter to fix this problem or try clean booting Windows 10 but this may not guarantee the permanent problem fix.

How to Fix Windows Store Apps Crash Error after Anniversary Update Installation

Error: There have been cases when users after upgrading to the latest Anniversary update are experiencing apps getting crashed unexpectedly after a few minutes. Mostly this is happening to apps downloaded from Windows Store.

Fix: All you can do for now is to wait until Microsoft come up with some sort of solution for this fix. This issue is related to Official Windows Store which is completely under Microsoft’s control, so we can’t do much about it except wait.

How to Fix Windows Update Server Connection Error for Anniversary Update Installation

Error: When you get error 0x800F0922 and error 0xc1900104, it could either indicate that Windows Update Servers connection with your PC is not established or System Reserved Partition has insufficient free space.

Fix 1: This error may occur if your PC is connected to the internet via VPN connection. Disconnect VPN and establish normal internet connection and try installing anniversary update again.

Fix 2: Although on Windows 10 System Reserved Partition is unlikely to have low space. But sometime third-party tools and software could save data without your notice that fills up System Reserved Partition.

To fix this problem use reliable third-party System Reserved Partition size enhancer tools to get more free space.

How to Fix Windows 10 Activation Problems after Anniversary Update Installation

Error: ‘Windows is not activated’ error message after Windows 10 anniversary update installation could deactivate Windows 10, which may block some features.

Fix: To reactivate Windows 10 after anniversary update installation, use Troubleshooter tool to activate Windows copy. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Update & security > Activation > Add an account and create a new Microsoft account, if you haven’t got any official Windows account already. Sign-in to Windows with that account.

After linking your Microsoft account with digital license, use Activation Troubleshooter to reactivate Windows 10.

  • For that, go to Settings > Update & Security > Activation
  • If you see ‘Windows is not activated’ message, click Troubleshoot.
  • On Troubleshoot screen, click the I changed hardware on this device recently link.
  • Then enter your Microsoft account details including username and password to sign in.
  • If Microsoft account is not added to your PC then enter local account password for sign in and hit the Next button.
  • Select your PC that you want to activate with Windows 10. For that, click the This is the device I’m using right now option and click the Activate button.
  • All done.

How to Fix Media Creation Tool Error During Anniversary Update Installation

Error: When you install Windows 10 Anniversary update with Media Creation Tool, you may come across DynamicUpdate error or some other error of similar nature during the installation process.

Fix: In this cases mostly closing Media Creation Tool and restarting it fixes the problem by resetting the download. But if the installation get stuck again then open File Explorer, navigate to C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources\Windows\\sources and double-click the Setupprep.exe to restart the update process.

How to Fix ‘Unable to install Microsoft Edge Extensions’ after the Update Installation

Error: Microsoft Edge is the latest default web browser on Windows 10 OS. It has large variety of extensions to make web surfing experience better for you. But if you get the error that ‘Edge browser app has encountered a problem, please reinstall it to repair’ error message after the Anniversary update installation then you won’t be able to access certain Microsoft Edge extensions such as Microsoft Translator, OneNote Web Clipper, Adblock, LastPass and many more.

Fix: First, you can see Microsoft’s official method to troubleshoot this error, but if that didn’t work on your PC then see methods below for fix.

Properly Install Extensions:

  • Launch Microsoft Edge browser and select More (…) > Extensions > Get Extensions from the Store
  • Click on the extension you would like to install.
  • After the installation, go back to Microsoft Edge.
  • On the Notification screen select Turn on option.

Delete Browser History and Cache:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and go to More (…) > Settings
  • Click Clear all history
  • In Choose What to Clear option, check Browser History, cache date, files options
  • Now click the Clear button

Install Extensions in Private Mode:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and select More (…) > New InPrivate window
  • Follow instructions under how to install extension above

Or else, you could go to Settings > System > Apps & Features, remove the extension causing error and try reinstalling it on the Edge browser. This should fix extension installation error on Microsoft Edge browser.

How to Fix Corrupted Files on Bootbale Media Error During the Update Installation

Error: When you try to install Windows 10 Anniversary update using bootable USB flash drive or DVD, it may cause installation to stop unexpectedly because of corrupted or damaged files.

Fix: If this happens then stop the update process, download again the Windows ISO files from Microsoft’s website on the bootable USB drive or DVD and create bootable media files again.

Those using Media Creation Tool to install the update should use Disk Cleanup tool, see Disk Cleanup instructions mentioned earlier in this post. Delete Windows Setup Temporary Files and recreate bootable media on USB or DVD.

How to Fix System Requirement Error During Anniversary Update Installation

Error: Although most current Windows 10 users should be able to install the anniversary update without any error, but those having less than 2GB RAM on PCs could get ‘minimum requirement failure’ error during the update installation. This is because Microsoft has changed minimum system requirement for Windows 10 from 1GB RAM to 2GB RAM for Windows 10 32-bit version.

Windows 10 Anniversary update minimum system requirements include:

  • 1GHz or faster processor
  • 16GB hard disk space (32bit)/20GB hard disk space (64bit)
  • 1024×600 display resolution
  • 2GB RAM for (32bit/64bit)
  • DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

Fix: Increase the RAM on PC and laptop.

How to Fix Software and Drivers Compatibility Error After Anniversary Update Installation

Error: If driver or software or app on PC stops working after you installed Windows 10 anniversary update, it means that it is incompatible with the new version or is outdated and needs updating. Graphics card drivers, touch-pad drivers or third-party software may stop working on older PCs after the update.

Fix: To find out which driver or software is incompatible and has stopped working after the upgrade, use Media Creation Tool instead of Windows Update feature to download and install the anniversary update. This will show you which driver or software is incompatible with the anniversary update.

Try updating outdated drivers by downloading the latest version from the manufacturer website. Remove and reinstall corrupted drivers, See our guide to reinstall, update, or delete Windows Drivers to fix this issue.

How to Fix Windows Update Errors that Block Anniversary Update Installation

Error: Sometimes unexpected errors may pop-up during anniversary update installation due to some issues with Windows Update feature. There could be many reasons behind this error.


Fix: You can fix this error by manually troubleshooting Windows update features, here’s how:

  • Download Microsoft Windows Update Troubleshooter
  • Select Windows Update and hit the Next button.
  • If you see a prompt then click try troubleshooting as an administrator option.
  • Choose Windows Update again and hit the Next button.
  • Windows Troubleshooter will scan the PC to identify problems and fixes them automatically.

Relaunch Troubleshooter and reset network adapters with Windows Networking Diagnostics options to fix any network problems. Now restart the PC to finalize settings and try installing the Anniversary update again. Otherwise install Windows 10 Anniversary update with Media Creation Tool.

How to Fix Chunks of Windows Background Missing after the Update Installation

Error: After installing Windows 10 anniversary update parts of the Windows background may get blurred or washed out if the PC is connected to a secondary monitor. Microsoft is currently working on the fix. But instead of waiting, try the following fix.

Fix: Put your PC or laptop in sleep mode and wake it up. You could also try to unplug and reconnect HDMI cable, DP/mDP connections to see if this fixes the problem.

How to Fix Error 0x8024200D Anniversary Update Installation Failed

Error: This error 0x8024200D means that the anniversary update installation has failed due to corrupt installation files downloaded on the PC via Windows Update tool.

Fix: Here’s how to fix the problem:

  • Press Windows + R keys to open Run command box.
  • Type msconfig and hit OK.
  • Now Click the Boot tab and select Safe boot. Then hit Apple and OK buttons.
  • Reboot PC in safe mode.
  • Open File Explorer window and navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
  • Download the content in the folder.
  • Press Windows + R keys again to open Run command.
  • Type msconfig and click OK.
  • Click the boot tab and uncheck safe boot option.
  • Hit Apple and OK buttons.
  • Reboot the PC and try to reinstall Anniversary update.

If this didn’t work then try installing Anniversary update using the Media Creation Tool or download Windows ISO files for in-place upgrade on PC.

Alternative Ways for Successful Windows 10 Anniversary Update Installation

Here are important precautions that should be taken to avoid Anniversary update installation errors.

Disconnect Peripheral Devices

It has been an established fact that peripheral devices attached to the PC could hamper and effect update installation and cause errors. So, it is recommended that you detach any peripheral device linked to the PC. Make sure no Printers, external hard drives, scanners, Bluetooth devices are connected to the computer before starting Anniversary update download and installation process. Keep essential devices like mouse, keyboard, network connection and monitor linked to the PC; remove rest of the non-essential devices from computer.

Unblock Upgrades

Before download Windows 10 anniversary update make sure that update installation is not blocked on your PC. To check, go to Settings > Update & Security > Advanced Options and uncheck Defer upgrades option.


Also make sure that metered connection is turned off to successfully install the update. For that, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Advanced Options and turn off Set as metered connection option.



Backup is very important. Save all PC data and files on some external storage device before installing the anniversary update. Windows 10 Anniversary update is major update that contains significant changes in the layout and functioning of the Windows operating system, so if you are not satisfied with new changes, you could always go back to previous settings via backup restore. See how to backup Windows 10 data and files.

Settings and Apps

Before installing the anniversary update, note down current Windows settings so that you can set the new Windows 10 version after the update according to these current settings without having to remember each and every setting on the previous version.

Some apps and software could cause interruption in the installation of the Windows 10 anniversary update. Identify dodgy apps and software tools, and disable, block or remove them from PC.

Disable System Security Tools

Antivirus or Windows Defender could cause errors in update installation. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender and turn off Real-time protection option temporarily. It is highly recommended that after the update installation you turn security tools back on for protecting PC against viruses and malicious malware.


Wrap Up

If nothing else works to install Windows 10 anniversary update properly on your PC, then fresh install Windows 10 and select Anniversary update 1607 during setup.

That’s all. We hope that above solutions helped you to install Windows 10 anniversary update without errors and problems. This new update is designed to help you to be more productive and has enhanced security system for data protection.

Any thoughts? How has your Windows 10 anniversary update experience been? Did you find above solutions helpful in mitigating errors? Share you thoughts and queries in the comments section below.


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