How to Import Google Play Music Library into Groove on Windows 10

Recently we posted about Microsoft’s Groove app for streaming online and offline music. Here we are going to show you how to import music library from Google Play Music into Groove on Windows 10 PC. We already discussed importing iTunes library and playlists into Groove and how you can get Groove Pass to access unlimited features of this amazing new music service by Microsoft. Windows 10 users who want all their music content in one place, clearly categorized for easy search and access, Groove music app is the best tool for you.


Surprisingly, Google doesn’t have a desktop player for its music service but you can get your Google Play Music imported to the Groove music app easily in just a few simple steps to enjoy all Google Music content with best desktop music player app for PC. In this guide, we are going to show you how to get your music saved in the cloud or on Google Store onto Windows 10 PC via Groove app library.

Download Google Play Music app for Windows PC

First of all you need to download Google Play Music app from the link above. Those who have already saved content on Google cloud should be able to access Google Play Music app on Windows PC, otherwise click on the link above to download it.

After installing Google Play Music app on PC, next thing you need to do is to download music library from Google. Large libraries can take a while to finish downloading. Here’s how to download library:

  • Open Google Play Music Manager app.
  • Click on the download your library option.
  • Click on the location option to select where you want to download the library. Here you will see iTunes and your Music folder as default download locations, for others click on the third option.


After download music files, next step is the same which you use to import music to Groove on PC. Just direct the app about where to find the music and that’s all. Here’s how:

  • Open Groove app on PC.
  • Click on the cog icon and go to Settings.
  • In Settings, under ‘Music on this PC’, click on ‘Choose where we look for music’.
  • Click the ‘+’ button and navigate to the folder or location where you downloaded the library.

All done. You can now access all Google cloud music content offline on computer via Groove music app for Windows PC.


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