How to Remove Windows 10 Cortana Errors

Cortana is a personal search assistant from Microsoft that comes pre-installed with all Windows 10 versions. It has been getting positive reviews from tech bloggers. Cortana enables you to not only search files and folders on the PC but also it also looks for information that you seek over the internet by presenting the results in seconds. Cortana for Windows 10 has latest intelligence gathering mechanism that saves your search history provided you allow it and uses it to optimize and customize future search results based on your preferences. But some users have been complaining about glitches they have been encountering with Cortana for PC such as Cortana crashing unexpectedly, having problem logging into Cortana, slow and sluggish response when opening Cortana and similar other problems. Cortana comes in as default app and can be accessed from Search Windows button on the task bar.

Cortana acts as your complete digital personal assistant in a sense that it helps you set appointment date and time along with locations, you can set location from settings, just go to Start > Settings > Privacy > Location and turn location services on or off. You can also track files and folders, packages and other information from the internet.



There are some tried and tested methods to get rid of errors in Windows 10 default apps or other programs that include uninstalling and reinstalling the app or program, signing out and in again and turning it off and on from settings. If, however, you have been experiencing issues with Cortana PC Windows 10 then using new Windows PowerShell feature will be a good idea. We will show you how to fix errors in Cortana using PowerShell later shortly in this post, keep reading for it.

If for some reason you are getting messages that voice assistant’s failure to recognize your voice or Cortana displaying inaccurate search results or not recognizing your account information then use our trick below to sort out the issue.

How to fix Cortant errors with PowerShell:

  • Go to Start > All Apps > Windows PowerShell
  • Or just type Windows PowerShell in the search box on the task bar.
  • A new windows like the one shown below will open.


  • Now type the following command:

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation\AppXManifest.xml”}

  • This should reinstall Cortana and remove all bugs and errors from it.
  • If you want to take a more conventional route then try signing in again into Cortana or turn off Cortana from settings and enable it again. If these don’t work then follow above mentioned method using PowerShell to clean Cortana from errors.

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