How to Reset Windows 10

With Windows there is always a possibility of PC freezing or crashing unexpectedly due to errors and viruses. Although, Windows 10 is markedly improved in crashing or suddenly freezing department which was the regular occurrence in previous iterations of Windows OS but it’s prudent to be on the safer side and know how to address problems as and when they arise. Today we will show you the process using which you can recover Windows 10 if it’s been rendered error prone due to some virus attacks or system file corruption. Check How to Fix Corrupt System Files in Windows 10 to see if that solves the issue at hand. If even that doesn’t work then keep reading this post to know how you can start using fresh copy of Windows 10 again to get rid of errors and viruses.

In Windows 10 it’s extremely easy to recover the clean copy of the OS. As we all know that every new OS undergoes a gradual improvement process as glitches are systematically removed from it based on user experience and technological advances. Windows 10 in no different in this regard, if after installing latest Windows updates your PC starts acting up then thanks to the latest recovery method introduced in Windows 10 by Microsoft you won’t have to uninstall current Windows and go back to the previous version, there is an easy fix available.

Your data and information remains protected during the recovery process depending on the option you choose. But as they say better safe than sorry, so keep the backup of all important files on some external storage or in drive other than the system drive before initiating Windows 10 Recovery.

How To Reset Windows 10:

1 – Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security.

2 – Select Recovery from the list on the left of the Window.

3 – You will see three options on the right side of the Window with moniker Reset this PC and Advanced Start-up. Read the instructions below them.

4 – Reset this PC re-installs Windows 10 without deleting files. Advanced Start-up lets you install Windows 10 from external USB or DVD but will change Windows settings and deletes all files before installing a fresh copy.

5 – Choose the option that best fits your requirement and click on the button below it. Click Get Started/Restart Now button based on the option you select.

6 – Now follow on-screen instructions, Windows recovery process guides you throughout to make things easier for you. It asks your permission before deleting important files.

7 – Click Reset button to begin recovery. Reset process will take some time, so be patient.

8 – All done. After some time a fresh error free copy of Windows 10 will be installed on your PC.

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