How To Restore Previous Versions of Saved Files in OneDrive for Windows 10

In this guide, we will be explaining a useful feature that allows you to use OneDrive history to restore previous changes of files saved in the cloud storage service. In the latest update you can restore previous version of any file saved on Onedrive using the new Version History feature.

restore previous changes to files using onedrive version history

OneDrive is Microsoft’s own cloud storage service and being the default app it’s an integral part of the Windows 10 experience. OneDrive comes as the main app for storing files in the cloud on the latest operating system from Microsoft. It is protected by Microsoft’s state-of-the-art security system to ensure all your files remain out of the reach of unauthorized individuals. OneDrive offers the best and convenient way to automatically synchronize files across all your device that run on the latest Windows 10 OS.

However, many users are not aware that there is much more to OneDrive than meets the eye. There are some extremely useful features in the cloud service, including the file version history.

OneDrive Version History

Version History feature is designed mainly to help users find and recover earlier versions of documents storage in OneDrive. Up until now, this file version history feature was only available for Office documents, but now it has support for all files types that you upload and save on the OneDrive cloud service.

In this step-by-step guide below, you will be able to learn steps needed to restore earlier versions of any file type in OneDrive using the version history feature.

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How to Use Version History to Recover Previously Saved versions of any File Type in OneDrive

1 – Open OneDrive in any web browser.

2 – Browse the file whose earlier version you wish to restore.

3 – Right-click the file and select Version history option.

onedrive version history windows 10

4 – This will take you to a new Version History pane where you will see a list of available versions of that file to recover with the dates on which they were modified, by whom, and file size.

onedrive version history list pane

5 – Move the pointer over the desired file, click on the three-dotted button, and select Restore to replace to current version saved on OneDrive.

one drive version history file restore

6 – All done.

Moreover, you can check files content before restoring it by clicking on the Open File option, and then make up your mind whether to replace it with the latest version on OneDrive.

Like mentioned above, this Version History feature supports all file formats, but can only be accessed via OneDrive on a web browser. Also, note that the version history will remain saved for 30 days on files. For now, all Office document formats can be recovered using OneDrive version history, more file formats will be added in the upcoming updates.


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