How to Save Money on Office 2016 for Windows 10

Microsoft’s best known and perhaps the most popular software offering called Microsoft Office has been released with the latest Office 2016 version available for download and use. According to Microsoft, Office 2016 suite makes it possible for you to readily accomplish daily work related or personal tasks with its Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office 2016 components. Here’s how you can get Office 2016 for Windows 10. With enhanced functionality of Office 2016 suite you can create, edit, publish and share documents, presentations, worksheets, emails, databases and save work simultaneously on multiple devices, which also increases productivity and reduces the risk of losing work due to device malfunction or accidental deletion. But Office 2016 doesn’t come cheap, it sets you back hefty $150 for home & Student suite and $230 for businesses on one-time buy, prices are subject to change depending upon the company’s policy. However there are ways to save money on Microsoft Office 2016 package.

Many think that Office suite is pre-installed on every Windows 10 copy. This was the case in older Windows operating systems but is no longer the case, you will have to buy full original Office version separately.

This post will show you how to get Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free on Windows 10 home editions (with limited features though) and full Office 2016 Pro suite for businesses for as low as $10.

Free Word, Excel, PowerPoint on Windows 10 Home Edition

If you want to have main Office apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint installed on your PC for free then you can do so with the mobile version of the apps. Microsoft now let’s users install mobile version of these apps on Windows 10 PC without charging anything for it. However, one drawback of these free mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint is that they only let you read documents, you can’t edit or share documents. If your work involves only reading documents on Office 2016 then this option is best for you and will save you money from having to buy expansive paid package. You can access complete functions of mobile Office 2016 on PC as well if you have Office 365 subscription. Full version of PC Office 2016 package comes at different prices, check your country’s office prices, click here for free trail.

Office 2016 full version includes many new tweaks and changes; OneDrive & Outlook integration makes sharing files inconspicuous; Excel has new one-click forecasting and refined PivotTable & PivotChart; Tell Me and Insight features show results of Bing search engine without leaving Office apps. All these new functions are not available for free mobile Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Windows 10 Home users, if you can live without these features then go with free mobile apps of Word, Excel and PowerPoint by all means, otherwise pay for full paid version to access them.

Get Office 2016 Business suite for only $10

Users who have subscribed to Microsoft’s Home Use Program can save significant amount of money on Office 2016 suite. Home Use Program is applicable to “Microsoft volume licensing customers with active Software Assurance coverage on their Office applications.” Moreover, ’employees who use the covered license at work are eligible to purchase these Office applications for use on a personal device during the term of their employment. This temporary license expires with the employer’s Software Assurance, or upon termination of employment with the covered organization.” If you find yourself among this group then you can use complete Office 2016 suite on PC Windows 10 for just $10.

Here’s how you can enter the scheme; click the link here, signup with your work email address, enter Program Code and if you don’t have it then contact your company’s IT or HR department to get it for registering into Home Use Program. You can use Office 2016 Pro for Windows 10 or Mac on one home computer using this method at low discounted price.

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