How to Uninstall Edge Browser on PC (Windows 10)

Edge Browser is the new and improved version of previous default Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft. Edge is considerably faster and more feature laden compared to Internet Explorer, but still it will take some time to lure users back from Chrome and Firefox, specially in the light of disastrous Internet Explorer experience fresh in PC users’ memories. Edge browser affords users more options to tweak settings as per their liking such as they can now change default search engine within the browser, blocking pop-up ads feature is handy and also there are plenty of other customization options available for personalizing web browsing experience. Despite all these many new changes brought in Edge browser, it lacks in the ease of use and ad-on support that Chrome and Firefox offer. It comes as a default app on PC Windows 10 and of course you can delete unwanted apps and programs but there is an easy way by which you can uninstall Edge Browser or disable it temporarily.

Microsoft’s new Edge internet browser is deeply integrated with all main Windows 10 functions, your Windows apps and pdf files open directly in Edge browser by default unless you change settings manually for them. Microsoft has designed things meticulously to make sure the maximum user exposure to its own default web browser instead of competitors’ offerings, and it makes sense as well business-wise. However, not everyone feels so chuffed about it, users still demand greater control over Windows experience. If you are loyal Chrome and Firefox or any other web browser user and don’t want Edge to interfere with how you carry out web browsing tasks then there is an easy fix for it.

How to Block or Disable Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows 10:

Edge Blocker is an app that disables Edge browser on Windows 10. After installing this app you can continue to use other web browsers without concerning about things automatically opening in Edge browser. Edge Blocker is portable and easy to use app, it boasts a simple user-interface as there are no complicated options to get around or understand for using it.

After downloading the app, unzip the file using winrar file extraction software and install it on your PC. Now open the app and just click on Block button, this will completely disable Edge browser on Windows 10 so that no app or program can use it to open automatically.


If for some reason, you decide to change your mind about Edge browser or some task makes it unavoidable to use Edge, you can always revert the disable option and unblock Edge browser using Edge Blocker app. For this purpose, open Edge Blocker app and simply click Unblock button shown on the main menu. Many pre-installed Windows 10 apps has never been more easier than it is with Edge Blocker app.

Edge Blocker app is compatible with both Windows 10 Home and Pro editions and can be downloaded for free from the link given here. [Download and Install Edge Blocker]

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