How To Upgrade Windows 10 Home To Pro Edition For Free

Here’s a guide on how you can upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro for free using default product key. You read it correctly, there’s a way of upgrading Windows 10 Home to Pro edition free via a default product key without purchasing a product key. If you are using Windows 10 on your desktop PC or laptop and wish to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro free, then you are at the right place. We are going to show you an easy way of upgrading Windows 10 Home to Pro free without paying for the upgrade. Microsoft now offers a default product key to those who are curious to try Windows 10 Pro on PCs. This new default product key from Microsoft enables you to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro for free to get the feel of the Pro edition.

windows 10 home to pro free upgrade

However, one should not expect such graciousness from a tech firm, there has to be some sort of a catch in there somewhere. Although you will be able to upgrade your device to Windows 10 Pro using a default product key, but it won’t activate until you pay for the full valid key. What this means is you can keep on using Windows 10 Pro edition with all its features but won’t receive any security updates and bug patches in the form of cumulative or Insider updates until you pay for the actual Windows 10 Pro product key.

See steps below for updating Windows 10 Home to Pro free with the default product key.

How To Update To Windows 10 Pro From Windows 10 Home For Free

1 – Open Settings app.

2 – Click on Update & security option.

3 – Click on Activation.

4 – Now click on Change Product key button.

5 – Enter the product key shown below in the Enter a product key box.


6 – Follow on-screen upgrade instructions as prompted.

7 – All done.

After upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, you can choose to purchase a valid product key from Microsoft Store or Amazon. Or, click on Go to Store option in the Settings app on Windows 10 to get a product key directly from the Windows Store for upgrade. Moreover, if you have a Windows 8 or 8.1  Pro product key, you can use to it upgrade to Windows 10 Pro full version without needing to purchase a new product key.

This new update method comes can be useful in many cases, sometimes you want to first try whether the new OS will work on your device without any issue, or you want to check the features before making a final purchase decision on whether to keep the new OS permanently on your device. In all those cases, having a free product key to upgrade Windows 10 makes sense.

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