Internet Download Manager 2019 – Is it Safe? IDM crack for Windows 10

There are many million users currently using the IDM as their soled Download manager app on Windows 10 PC. But is it Safe to use Internet Download Manager? Especially with all those IDM Crack free versions available for Windows 10?

Latest IDM v6.32 build 3:

We all know that right now the official developers behind IDM are providing the latest Internet Download Manager v6.32 Build 3 2019 right now. And they are quite willing to provide the users a full month of free trial use. So why so many People go for the Free IDM Cracked version which are hosted on some real dangerous sites.

There are many reasons behind this. We look into all those to come to a conclusion that if it is Safe to use Internet Download Manager on Windows 10.

IDM Crack Dangerous or Not

1- Old design dodgy official site of IDM:

When I first time visited the IDM official Site to grab the secure full IDM.exe file. I was surprised to see the dodgy old design web. I had to bring up all my tools to check whether this site is legal or not. So the main reason most of the people drop for the IDM Crack sites. They can’t even judge between the original and compromised dangerous sites offering IDM Crack *.exe or *.dll files.

2- Freeware IDM Crack exe can’t be caught:

The second reason that people go for the IDM crack exe files is that it can’t be tracked by the developers. And they can even use one year old versions of the software on their computers with out being notified of the updates.

Although the new IDM 6.32 Serial Keys that are being shared can be easily caught later. But the cracked IDM pro exe files are not only dangerous but they can shift various Spam and viral things into your PC. So the best way to stay away from this is to use the official version of IDM 2019 on your PC.

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IDM 2019 Updated review by a satisfied User:

Internet Download Manager is safe. I’ve used it for a very long time – I first used pirated, cracked copies – then decided to pay for it starting a few months ago). I do think some of its dialog windows are too small, so I always resource edit those dialogs to make viewing long file names and URLs much easier, moving some controls around, etc.

It handles file downloads very well, it doesn’t require JAVA to run, and it maximizes download speeds quite well. It’s also able to grab files from websites that Firefox sometimes can’t. I never torrent files, so that feature (which Free Download Manager has) is not something I’m missing. The only fault I can find with it (besides that it costs money) is that free updates only last one year. I will probably check out Free Download Manager once my free updates have expired.

My Final verdict:

I have personally used the official version of Internet Download Manager 2019 and I am quite satisfied with it. I have tracked in all the resources it uses and the link backs or pings and it made me satisfied that Internet Download Manager is totally Safe to use on Windows 10. But if you download it from the official site of IDM.


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