Is Bloodhound a Girl in Apex Legends?

Could you believe, Everyone wants to know is Bloodhound a girl in Apex Legends? But how come people have been asking for this. It’s already been the hottest debate on Reddit and more and more people have been asking the same question on gamefaq.

Is Bloodhound a Girl in Apex Legends?

What is Bloodhound in Apex Legends, Male or Female?

Before making it another conspiracy theory, let’s make the official statement a bit clear here.

The Bloodhound’s Voice actor is undoubtedly a Women. But the Non-Binary bio implies in its character makes it more of a gender-free character. or at the very least no one knows anything about them including their gender so they are referred to by “they/them” pronouns.

Just because they are masked nobody can tell their gender. It’s just like the P.E.K.K.A in the Clash Royale or Clash of Clans game.

Here we are with the official answer posted on Gamefaqs site:

As revealed by Jay Frechette, community manager at Respawn, during an interview with RPS is the fact that there is a second Apex Legends LGBTQ character, with Frechette confirming to reporter Nic Rueben that, “Bloodhound is non-binary, or at least non-specified, in terms of gender.”

It seems like its more suited now to use they/them for the Bloodhounds character in the game.

Is Bloodhound a Girl in Apex Legends?

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