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Kodi for Windows 10 is free award winning open-source software media player and acts an entertainment center for home theater PCs. Kodi media center software tool is compatible with iOS, Android, Linux and OS X devices as well. Play videos, music, TV shows, games and much more with Kodi for PC and enjoy HD content on high-resolution displays of Windows 10 PC & laptops. 10-foot user interface of Kodi player is perfect for playing media content in living rooms, its easy to use graphical user interface allows easy browsing of videos, music, podcasts, photos, movies and other media files from hard disk, network, internet or DVD/Blur-rays. Download Kodi on PC Windows 10 and control content from anywhere using smartphones as remote with Kodi remote control app for Android and iOS devices.

Kodi does not offer any of its own content, it’s a media player that helps playing media files from local networks, internal or external storage devices and directly from the internet. Kodi media center has support for third-party plug-ins that you can use to customize and personalize layout and playing options according to your preferences. With the help of plug-ins you can also stream online content from legal sites that provide only copyrighted content. Kodi takes piracy seriously, so if you are looking to play stolen or illegal stuff on it then maybe it’s not the best option for you.

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There are two ways of playing videos, audio, podcasts, TV shows, movies via Kodi Player; either from your own purchase storage media like DVD, paid or free online streaming services, or download third party plug-ins to play content. But keep in mind that Kodi does not officially endorse any plug-in as it is free open source platform and some plug-in might not perform properly depending on PC hardware, it’s wise to scan plug-ins with top antivirus program before playing them on Kodi just to be on the safe side.

Main features of Kodi for PC Windows:

  • Wide range of music file format support including the popular ones such as MP3, FLAC, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV and others.
  • Control music collection on Kodi with its tagging, MusicBraiz integration and smart playlists features.
  • Import pictures from PC or external storage and view them in clear quality interface of Kodi. Sit anywhere in the living room and start slideshow on bigger PC displays using Kodi remote control app on mobile devices.


  • Kodi plays copyright online movie streams, and supports other movie formats like ISO, 3D, HEVC, WEBM, H.264 among many others. Save and sort movie titles according to categories with posters, movie info, trailers, bonus movie content and much more.
  • Just like movies, play TV shows with banners, posters, actor information, tags and categories to find it easily using search function. Create your own Shows library with personalized options.
  • You can record live TV for later viewing on Kodi. Watch shows with widely used backends such as VDR, NextPVR, MediaPortal, Windows Media Center and more.
  • Being an open-source platform, Kodi has wide range of free add-ons that get constant updates to improve viewing experience. Add-ons related to Music, videos, TV shows, web streaming services, interface customization, light controls and many other categories are available for free download from Kodi add-on library.
  • Kodi has UPnP support making it easy to play content from UPnP enabled devices. UPnP device and Kodi instances ensure that your content library remains updated at all times.
  • Customize Kodi UI with load of in-built options; change the layout, button style, content display on the interface and much more. There are many free UI skins to download, each skin has its own options and display settings.

Kodi Tips & Tricks:

You can use mobile Android and iOS mobile devices as remote control to change content and settings on Kodi’s JSON-RPC remote interface. There are many other remote control options for you to choose from here to browse movies, music videos, audio, photos, TV shows.

Download latest complete version of Kodi v16.0 from the link below on Windows 10 desktops and laptops.

Download Kodi for Windows 10 Free: Link

If you can’t wait to try the newest version of Kodi then see the developer version of Kodi v16.1 jarvis RC2 build here. Being still in development mode, this version is expected to contain some errors as contributors are working on giving the final touches to the finished product before publicly launching the full version in coming months. If you don’t mind a few errors but want to use the most updated version which includes all new changes then check developers builds for Kodi v17.0 kryton here, please check more details for help about developers builds [link], quality assurance test [link] and bug report submission hep [link].

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