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Download LibreOffice for Windows 10 is free Office tool that has a complete set of applications to help you perform daily office tasks on interactive interface. LibreOffice 5 is the latest version of this powerful and Open Source office suite. Being an Open Source software it allows creative individuals to chip in and constantly better its functions for assisting users in enhancing their productivity and accomplishing more in less time. LibreOffice suite is compatible with Windows 10 & Windows 8/7/Vista/XP as well as Mac PC/laptops. With this Windows 10 app LibreOffice for PC you can perform all document related tasks such as writing reports, creating presentations, managing databases, adding 3D charts and graphics in documents and may more. Download LibreOffice and use best free Open Sources office tool to become more productive.

LibreOffice consists of six main apps in it: Write, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. Additional support includes charts, templates and extensions. Professionals and students alike would find many features that will help them in undertaking their routine tasks with ease and efficiently; write letters, master thesis, design brochures, create financial reports, presentations in office or for class assignments, technical drawing.

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Main Features of LibreOffice:

  • It is compatible with Microsoft Office document so you can work and edit them on LibreOffice; write from where you left off on Word, Excel, Spreadsheet or other Office app.
  • LibreOffice also supports latest OpenDocument Format (ODF) to enable you to work on latest document types.
  • Free LibreOffice 5 tool has extension mechanisms that contain powerful multimedia templates to give documents professional appeal.
  • Being an Open Source software it allows creative community of users to add new elements and is daily tested for bugs and fixes.
  • For comparison see LibreOffice v Microsoft Office here.
  • Multiple language support.

System Requirement:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP SP3

Processor: Pentium III or higher

RAM: 256 RAM (512MB Recommended)

1.5 GB Hard disk space / 1024×768 resolution

Install LibreOffice as an administrator. Also backup data before installing the office tool.

LibreOffice Guide and Tips:

Latest version of LibreOffice 5.1 comes with six main applications within it. Each has its own purpose and use to help you carry out different tasks easily on PC Windows 10/8/7 desktops and laptops. Setup, startup and speed are fast even when you are doing work on more than one app at a time. Let’s see how different components of LibreOffice work.

Writer: It is fast modern word processing app and publishing tool. You can write letter, professional memos, and even books with text, diagrams, indexes features. Customize fonts, text size, use dictionary feature to automatically spot spelling and grammar mistakes. Video below shows all new feature in Write app of LibreOffice including new menus, improved charts, controls and diagrams.

Calc: This is a spreadsheet app for those whose work depends largely on handling data, numbers and tables. UI is easy to understand and use. Use customized templates, create your own templates or use already made templates from LibreOffice library for spreadsheet work. It has latest DataPilot technology that allows you to work on raw data from company database and start crunching numbers easily. New features can be seen in the video below:

Import spreadsheets directly from Microsoft Spreadsheet and start working with LibreOffice Calc’s advanced features on it.

Impress: This app is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint in which you can create multimedia presentations and slideshows. You can use both 2D and 3D images in presentations. With drawing tool create your own images. Control and adjust slide timing and sequence as per your convenience. Latest version of Impress include following new features:

Impress now has OpenGL integration as well.

Draw: This sketching tool is suitable for both architects and students. Create sketches of 300cm by 300cm maximum ratio. Draw technical drawings or campaign posters with it using easy to understand options. Even create 3D objects and flowcharts. This is perfect app for creating customized picture galleries that you can share instantly with other from within LibreOffice software.


Math: This tool contains all simple and complex mathematical formulas that you can use in documents, spreadsheets and presentations. From Calculus to integrals and matrices, this app contains all features for complex calculations and execute them in seconds even on large amount of data.

Base: This database tool uses modern database engines such as MySQL/MariaDB, Adabad D, PostgreSQL, MS Access. It supports JDBC and ODBC drivers to virtually connect with other databases. Use help wizard to understand how to create your own personalized databases with tables, queries, forms and reports. You can share database elements with other apps in LibreOffice suite such as Write, Calc and Impress to get the work done quickly.

Download LibreOffice For Windows 10 Free: Link

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