Merge Town for PC – Download on Windows and Mac

Gram Games Limited has released latest puzzle game Merge Town which is available for free download on compatible devices. Here we are going to show you how to install Merge Town puzzle game even on non-compatible device using a simple workaround method in the guide below. Merge Town gives you a chance to become the mayor of your city. Run a town with all the powers of a real mayor. Oversee land development, take stock of infrastructure facilities and other provisions to uplift your people. See your metropolis grow. Mayor with the most vibrant town wins in the end. Compare and contrast facilities of your town with those of other mayors in online competitions. You start Merge Town as an owner of a small piece of land. From there on you have to use your won skills to develop that land and expand it to a big metropolis city using all available resources in the game. You are given a house at the start. Use everything at your disposal to merge that house into other houses to create a bigger home. Each new house built on the land earn you valuable currency. More houses you merge, bigger the end result and more money you get for quickly expanding your city. With extra money you can purchase more houses and develop faster before the allotted time runs out. Build a best town in the game. The bar at the top of the screen show development progress. Merging building gives you extra XP and level up. Higher level ups gives you more space to develop something new. Once you have developed town, keep an eye on merging patterns and keep developing until its perfect.

merge town download free on pc


Merge Town is available for Android devices. But you can also play Merge Town for PC full free version on your desktop or laptop running on Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1, XP, Vista or Mac OS X / macOS Sierra using a third-party emulator tool such as Bluestacks.

Download Merge Town for Windows PC and Mac

1 – Download and install new Bluestacks 3 on computer. Mac users can download Bluestacks Offline Installer.

2 – Launch Bluestacks 3 on PC.

3 – Click on My Apps tab.

4 – Go to System Apps > Google Play Store.

5 – In play store, type Merge Town and hit search.

6 – Select game from search result and install it.

7 – Once installed, go to the My Apps section and click to game’s icon and follow on-screen instructions to complete the set up and start playing it on PC.

8 – All done.

You can also directly install this puzzle game on Bluestacks using Merge Town APK. Enjoy amazing new Merge Town for PC puzzle game and share fun with friends.


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