Picasa for Windows 10

Picasa for Windows 10 is the official Google Photo viewing and minor photo editing app which has been mostly downloaded by the users who have been using previous version of Windows. With the release of Developer preview version of the Windows 10 there were no support for the Picasa for Windows 10 and most of the users thought that the developers at Google will make sure to add their Google Photos or the Google Picasa app for the Windows 10 Store, but nothing come quite true.

The main and most used features of the Picasa app is that it is quite easy to use and you won’t have to be a photo editing expert to use the app to edit your pictures with the cool built in filters that most of you might have used in Instagram app for smartphones. The built in Album maker and auto photo recognizer tools help the users to organize their photos according to their types. As we have seen some of the image recognition features appeared on the Google Search, the developers have added them to the final version of Google Photos which you can download and install on your PC although it has been made for the smartphone users.


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Main Features of Picasa for Windows 10 PC:

The main features of Picasa which you would not experience in the built in photo viewing app in Windows 10 which is more sluggish and slow then any other 3rd party photo viewing app for Windows 10, is that it is regarded as the best Photo viewing and minor editing app. With the Help of Picasa For Windows 10 you can:

1- Easily manage photos on your computer.

2- Transform your Photos with Effects.

3- Upload and share Photos online with quick upload features.

With the new Picassa 3.9 now you can quickly access the Gmail and Drive photos and even upload ones on your PC to the specific directories online.

Download Picasa 3.9 Build 140.248 for Windows 10 64-Bit:

On the official Windows 10 store, where we all look for Apps like Google Picasa, there is no such thing available for the users to download, except some of the users old and unwanted guides while some of them are even paid ones which will let you know how to organize the Picasa Albums.

You can download the official version of Picasa from the Official Site here : Link

Picasa 2

But the version provided on the main site have some issues while installation and can crash more often whenever you are editing your images. So the most better way is go for the Picasa 3.9 build 140.248 for Windows 10 64-bit edition which is much more stable and works fine on the latest version of operating system.

Picasa 3.9 Build 140.248 (64-bit): Link

For Users who are facing some issues regarding the Picasa for Windows 10 installation or even after installing the app you can get some really useful tips here at Picasa forum.


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